Today I was thinking about how we women see ourselves.I woke up feeling overweight,flabby,with bad hair and thinking there is nothing that I can wear well.Have you ever had one of these days?Have you ever had a day that you don't feel as beautiful and special?

I think sometimes with take our beauty for granted.We start comparing ourselves to other women to reach the " ideal beauty standard ".Is there really such a thing.

I love to see advert and campaigns. Love the way how they carry a message behind the product they are trying to sell to the public.But have you noticed how every time more commercials and adverts are trying to focus in meaningful real life situations and real needs with real people.The " super skinny hot girl " look added to adverts in the past are starting to fade away every time more. That's because the advertising industry is becoming more and more aware of the fact that people would like to identify with the people on tv. They want to be represented,they want to feel special as they are.

Yet we still see the Media and Fashion industry trying to shove down our throats that we "should look like this or have this or that in order to be special.There is big difference between "being" and "having".Your "being" has to do with who you are as a person,your identity as a women,what makes you be who you are.And that's truly important and what matters.Physical beauty does fade away with time,but real beauty doesn't.

Don't get me wrong!I love being pampered and looking after my body and how I look.Love clothes,fashion,beauty products.Look is important and uplifts a women,it showcases her best assets.But I believe what dignifies us and give us identity is not found in our looks but in our hearts.We were made like that.We were made to long for more than superficial.

When I am having days fighting with my mirror or my scale I try to remember that it doesn't define me,that is only one of the parts of me.I remember my value and worth,I remember my charity and my heart and what I am giving to make the world better.What legacy are you living behind?

I absolutely love DOVE branding campaigns and and their "REAL BEAUTY" campaigns. It is such a genius idea!There is women posing proud of their bodies from all shapes,highs and colors.That`s what beauty is all about.It's about you feeling good in your own skin.There is not better feeling! If for you to feel that way you think you need to drop a few kilos do it!But do it for yourself,but not for what the "beauty standard" out there is saying or even social pressure.Do it because you love yourself.

I remember struggling with anorexia when I was a teen(Subject for another post),because I was the only curvy girl in my circle of friends and suffering bullying.I ended up loosing more than 10 kgs when I definitely didn't need it and putting my health and self worth in jeopardy for the sake of "fitting".

 This month is women's month and I want to say I am proud of being a women and I do not agree with the song"It's a man's world" anymore.It's our world,we make it with our choices.Let's begin to be truly inspired by the beauty within ourselves that is many times not found in magazines.Let us be inspired by the great women from the past that fought for equal rights,let us be inspired by the women around the world that manage to work and care for their families without neglecting themselves and always wishing to be better.You are worth it!