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Hey beauties,
I decided to dedicate this post to the Beauty Bulletin challenge for this women's month. Beauty Bulletin challenged everyone to the #lipstickeffect sharing with everyone what beauty item empowered us,made us feel confident.
Beauty Bulletin
I thought that I would also share my story. Mine is very personal...
Since I was 2 years old I started with a really bad form of eczema, this become really bad over the years to he point where I was so embarrassed to go to school,because all the kids were making fun of me calling me ugly. It got so bad a changed schools a few times in the hope that this would change,but as I thought it didn't the teasing never got easier no one understood why my skin wasn't as clear as there's. My skin got so bad that in in Grade four I spent two months in hospital to try and get the correct cream to take care of my bad skin,doctors were worried because my skin was becoming thinner by the day.
I've tried 22 years later and I've tried every product on the market,went through so many prescriptions finally I got the Cetaphil creams and body wash to review for Beauty Bulletin,I was honestly about to give up that anything would keep my eczema under control.
I have Cetaphil a shot and within a few days my skin didn't feel as itchy,it started clearing up and the dryness and sores left started to disappear ... There's no doubt in my mind that Cetaphil is my #lipstickeffect..
My skin started clearing and this did wonders for my self confidence and my acceptance of the person I am. I was always the shy girl who was too afraid to do anything and always worried about what other people might think of me. With my newly clear skin is also adopted a take no crap attitude. I am becoming the strong woman I've always aimed to be.
I challenge you ladies to share your stories and #lipstickeffect ,empower other women around you.
A thought to share this quote with you ladies to remember what's important :
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