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Beauty Without Cruelty

Beauty Without Cruelty

I suffer from dry skin, not only my face but on my hands too. While shopping with my daughter, I came across these cute mini hand & nail creams that came in a variety of scents and with the low price of R18.95 I was able to pick up more than one and test them out. Beauty without cruelty isn't something new, we're just starting to see more and more brands really put their name behind it which is awesome, what's even better is that Woolworths is bringing these products to us at an affordable price.

After a few days of using the mini hand creams I immediately noticed a difference. My skin felt less tight and my hands possessed a JLO glow. Formulated with vegetable oil based ingredients, dermatologically tested and approved by a toxicologist and not to mention, cruelty free. I will definitely be investing in the full size versions, these 25ml tubes pack quite a punch by offering 24 hours worth of moisture.

I absolutely adore the packaging. The size of hand cream is practical enough to pop into your bag and you're definitely able to clean the tubing by using a wet wipe, a little bonus for all you OCD people out there.

The lotus & water hand cream has sultry floral notes while avocado & sesame oil is warm and nutty with hints of orange blossom.
I adore the smell of sweet pea & jasmine, it's enriched with shea butter and sweet almond oil which effectively moisturizes dull dry skin.
The bliss range comes in two variants, the one I chose, Meadow Mist, has notes of orange blossom and vanilla while Sweet Joys smell of rose and violet.

For more information about Woolworths and what they stand for click here. I'm proud to purchase from a brand who cares about our furry friends and about the environment.

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