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Beauty Tips Your Dear Mom was right about

Well lets face it when our mothers gave us their advice what we did was simply ignoring it. Thinking how they nagged us all the time about wearing sun block or so much fizzy drinks cause breakouts and how you should wear this or that during the seasons. We simply did not want to listen, we would rather listen to our  friends advice than our dear moms.

Some beauty tips has been passed down from generation to generation. From great grandmothers to our mothers. And now to future generations because I know better!

Now I'd like to thank my Mom for the advice and say I wished I'd listened to everything ...okay almost everything you said beauty wise.

Remove your make-up before you go to bed:                                                                        

I know like me you just sometimes too tired to remove it. But it is vital to cleanse your skin at night to ensure all the  make-up, dirt and oil build up is removed, to prevent any breakouts.

Do not touch your skin:

It is frustrating when you see a pimple and you're so tempted to pop it but don't I say. It will be the biggest mistake you'll make as it will only end up RED, swollen or sometimes inflammed.And it takes much longer to heal. Use some ice to reduce the redness and calm the inflammed area and then immediately apply a spot treatment for it.

Do not rub your eyes:

Yes I get that but when your eye twitches ot itches you only want to rub it to get that relief. The skin around the eyes are very delicate and agressive rubbing will only cause blood vessels to break and lead to losoe skin in the long run. And we ladies do not want that! Rather use an eye cream or change your make-up as that could be the cause.

Always remember to apply sunscreen:

Trying telling an 8 year old that, they'll forget the moment they turn their backs to you and go play. All I cared about at that age is playing and enjoying myself in the sun. These days you cannot afford not to protect your skin as you either end up with wrinkles, pigmentation, age spot and the risk of skin cancer.

Now I'm all about applying SPF protection to my skin  and it is vital to apply a good sunscreen whenever you are exposed to the sun. Skin protection is not only necessary during summer months but also winter months. Just because there is no sunshine does not mean there is no chance of sunburn. Winter can be harsh for the skin.

Take a shorter shower:

Hot water does dry the skin and so does certain soaps. So rather keep the water lukewarm and concentrate on important areas. A tip is immediately moisturise after shower as it will lock in moisture.

Protect yor skin on a daily basis. Stay moisturised.

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