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Beauty tips for people with Cancer

Beauty tips for people with Cancer

Beauty tips for people suffering with Cancer

If anyone would know, the hardest part for a cancer patient is Acceptance! Accepting what they are looking at in the mirror. Everything changes about a cancer patient: their hair, their complexion, their eyes, their nails. We all know how women adore and treasure their looks, and using Beauty Bulletin as a platform , I wish to highlight and just give every cancer patient a sense of hope and how they can look beautiful, and feel better about their appearance. 

Her hair:

-if you Muslim , you can easily cover up by using a scarf

-there are plenty of pretty scarfs, headbands to make your hairloss less visible

-you could try out a new ,funky short hairstyle, before your starts to fall 

-condition and treatment is still important. Don't lose hope! Keep your hair moisturised always

Her eyebrows:

-there are many eyebrow kits available in clicks/dischem,etc. 

Her nails:

-find pretty nail polish

-mendi is also an option but remember mendi makes the nails weaker, so you might want to steer clear from using it

Her skin:

-moisturise daily

-hydration is key-drink lots of water 

-moisturise your body , including your lips

-cetaphil has a good range of moisturizing products, which will not cause any irritation 

-protect your face face from the harmful rays of the sun. Use hats, use sunglasses, use SPF moisturizers

Her body:

- exercise if you are able to.

-eat healthily but don't deprive yourself of scrumptious treats. You deserve to spoil yourself. 

Her teeth:

-floss daily

-visit the dentist for regular dental clean ups 

-get into the habit of caring for your teeth, brush them daily

Her eyebrows:

-fill eyebrows in with an eyeshadow that's a shade or two lighter than your natural brow color.

-do not draw eyebrows with a pencil (you want to look as natural as possible)

Her lashes:

-false eyelashes are a lifesaver

-void using water proof mascara(water proof mascaras will only make them fall off quicker)

Her under eyes :

-brighten up your eyes by using fresh natural colors

-avoid using shiny eye shadows and glitter

-you can also invest in a brightening concealer , working it in the corners of the eyes 






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