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Beauty's Top 5 for 2015 proudly brought to you by Tzar

Beauty's Top 5 for 2015 proudly brought to you by Tzar

Happy New Year beautiful ladies


Wishing you all that is incredible, beautiful, glitzy and glamorous for 2015.


May it be a 'Beautiful' year for you.



My 2015 beauty year will feature 5 of my most beloved beauty products, which I am about to share with you.


First on my list, something I realised I simply cannot live without, an all purpose product for skin, hair and body that has been around for ages, allow me to introduce:

Coconut Oil



I believe we have truly been blessed by Mother's Nature to have this wonderful ingredient around. Ever since I bought a huge glass bottle of this, my world has changed dramatically.

For Hair:

Use weekly as a hot oil treatment for dry hair and dandruff or leave overnight for a deep moisturising mask effect. I can honestly say, my hair is thicker, full of life and rich with no tangles. Stress Free hair and all I need is a once a week treatment. Incredible

For Skin and Body

An all round great moisturiser, even improves stretch marks if applied immediately after a bath. skin has new life.


Coconut Oil is available all year round, almost anywhere and everywhere in different sizes, shapes and containers at very reasonable prices. What I have mentioned is but a fraction of the benefits this little miracle offers.


Pantene Deep Moisture Souffle



This product is the ultimate, must have beauty life saver. I always try and buy as many bottles as I can when it's on special at Dischem for R 39,95. Why a beauty life saver, you ask? Well, I have very curly, frizzy and sometimes dry hair which can become difficult to tame. Pantene Moisture souffle calms my tresses, adds moisture, adds volume to curls and leaves my hair untangled for 24 hours. Need I say more?

This was especially handy when I was on holiday in December and had no time for styling hair. This product creates the most beautiful, simple looks without the effort; just apply some mousse and you are good to go.  Creates the ultimate beach hair styles.


Katy Perry Killer Queen in Royal Revolution



'And you're gonna hear me ROAR!' That is exactly what I did when I received this incredible fragrance from BB.  I am totally smitten by this fragrance which lasts the whole day, by the way.

I do not think much detail is required here from me because I am sure everyone knows just how great Katy Perry fragrances are so make sure you stock up on one for 2015 and start a REVOLUTION!


Labello lip balm



I don't know about you ladies but, I struggle with lipsticks. If it's not an application issue then I struggle to find the correct colour.

Lips love Labello and don't I know that and I think every lady should carry one of these in her handbag is 2015. Hassle free lip protection and moisturisation for hours without worrying if you got the correct colour or not. Plus, you get an added glow, how cool!!


Finally, last but not least.........................................................



Annique Rescue the rescue




No matter what your skin care emergency; acne, eczema, dry skin, allergies. Annique rescue cream has the answer. Contains natural healing ingredients including Rooibos that immediately goes to work on the affected areas for immediate relief.


This product should actually be part of any first aid kit.



So, these are my 2015 Beauty Top 5. I think I covered something from each area; skin, hair, fragrance, lips and body.



Have fun compiling your won top 5 beauty list which might change during the course of the year.




Top 5 Beauty Products For 2015 and then some :)
Top 5 Beauty Products For 2015

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