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Beauty in your 30's

Beauty in your 30's


As a woman in my 30’s I am blessed to very often be told that I “don’t look it” ;)


Now I have to confess that I mostly have my parents to thank for this, by them passing me down some good genes! But there are some things that I took care to do, which I would like to believe also contributed to my staving off the cruel hands of time.


And I’d like to share one of these things with you here today…


At a close second to our faces, our hands are most often the parts of our bodies where our age shows more prominently.


And it makes perfect sense if you think about it... All the wear & tear that we put them through every day, in & out of too hot or too cold water & exposing them to the elements without protection (like clothing protects the rest of your body against the cold or the sun), etc. No wonder they are often so eager to betray our age.


But there is a flip side to this scenario. With a bit of extra tender loving care, your hands can also love you back.


So these are the 3 things that I would suggest you work into your regular routine:


  1. Exfoliate – Yes, the inside of our hands are where hard skin and calluses form, from carrying heavy things or manual labour, like gardening, cleaning, etc. And these are also the areas that may unintentionally get exfoliated during a facial or body scrub (when you use your hands to apply the scrub to your other body parts). But we too often forget about the softer skin on the back of our hands, which is actually where sun spots (also known as age spots) appear, and where we lose the elasticity of our skin (resulting in wrinkles). Exfoliating this area will help to remove old dead cells faster, which will stimulate new & plump (more youthful) cells to generate and move to the surface of your skin.

Back when I was a student, there was this boy that I liked, and he was in love with my hands. So I used to have this ritual of exfoliating my hands with a mixture of sugar granules and glycerin before a date, where I knew there was going to be some hand holding going down. It may sound weird, but it really leaves your hands feeling softer & smoother than a baby’s bottom! The sugar granules have rounded (not sharp) edges, which is gentle on our skin, and the glycerin is super moisturizing. I personally try and do a proper exfoliation of my hands once a week.



  1. Moisturise – So once again, while using our hands to moisturise other parts of our bodies, the inside of our hands also benefit, but the back of our hands often get left behind. Try and get into the habit of rubbing that last bit of cream that you have left on your hands after moisturising your body or face, on the back of your hands.

Keep some hand lotion in our handbag, next to your bed, on your desk at the office and treat your hands to a (body) mask once in a while. A salon treatment that I wish I could afford to have once a month is a paraffin wax treatment. Its almost like melted candle wax (but at a milder temperature), which you dip your hands or feet into one or more times to coat the skin in a generous layer. Your hands or feet are then wrapped in plastic, or some other non-absorbent material and left to "soak" in the oils from the wax for up to half an hour. As the wax hardens, the paraffin's natural emollient softens skin and the heat opens pores. When the cooled wax is pulled away from the skin, it also removes dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother.



  1. Sunscreen – Unlike the rest of our bodies, our hands are almost never protected by clothing, and thus constantly exposed to the sun. And again, we quite often forget to include the back of our hands when applying sunscreen while applying to other body parts… Bad move… Sun spots (also referred to as age spots) are unsightly and more easily prevented than removed.

Try and look for a hand lotion with spf, and then apply, apply, and remember to re-apply ;)



So by spending just a little bit of extra time in your regular beauty routine on these 3 simple things, you will be surprised what a big difference it will make! Especially also in the long run.


Try it! And let me know of your experiences or any good tips and advise you guys want to share on the subject.

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