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Beauty Bulletin. How do I love thee?

Beauty Bulletin. How do I love thee?

I SO badly wanted to shoot a video to show my appreciation and love for the wonder that is Beauty Bulletin, but time has unfortunately not been on my side. I couldn’t do nothing, so I decided to do a blogpost. I need to proclaim my love! So here it is… 


Beauty Bulletin. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


I love thee to the depth and breadth and height


My soul can reach…


Okay, my initial plan was to rewrite this sonnet for BB, but it turns out I can’t write poetry. But what BB has helped me to discover, is the fact that I can write beauty reviews.


So, BB how do I love the, let me count the ways.

·          The girls from BB rock. You are freaking awesome. Full stop.
·          I get the opportunity to write reviews on products and share my thoughts with others. My opinion means something.
·          BB has given me the confidence to start my own beauty blog.
·          The site is for real women. Every age, size, background and here we have the chance to share our love for all things beauty.
·          We have platform where we can share experiences, give and ask for advice. Without any judgement.
·          We get the opportunity to try new products before they even hit the shelves.
·          When I get chosen for a review club, I just get so excited. My fitness level has improved a little bit as I run to the post box every day when I know there is something special coming my way.
·          I can make more informed decisions before I buy a product. The reviews on BB are real and honest. Nobody feels pressured to give a positive review just to be chosen as a reviewer again. The reviews reflect real opinions. You guys save me money.
·          I truly feel like I am part of a community and I’ve met some awesome ladies, even it’s just over the web.
·          I make videos. I never thought in a million years that I would have the guts to put myself out there. Thanks for forcing me BB.

This morning I thought of another reason. I have been a bit down in the dumps lately. Lots of stuff going on and it’s the end of the year. And being a mom is tough. The best job in the world, but my almost 3 year old little angel keeps me on my toes. When things get a bit much or when I get a chance to take a break, I log on to BB. Here I feel accepted. I don’t have to be the prettiest, thinnest, wealthiest or most influential. Here I can feel at home… read a few reviews, watch a couple of videos, learn a couple of new tricks and have a chat. Thank you BB.


I have been part of BB for about two years and I have loved every second. And I am looking forward to be part of this amazing community for many years to come.


Lots of love



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