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Beauty Bulletin Challenge: Week 3 - The Art of Makeup #OutOfYourComfortZone

Beauty Bulletin Challenge:  Week 3 - The Art of Makeup   #OutOfYourComfortZone


Gosh, this one really makes the wheels turn!  That poor hamster is running a marathon at the moment, trying to think of a suitable "art" to master. Hmmm ...

I'm really not that good at make-up, I just play around and hope for the best.  But, the one thing I have never mastered, is the "wing" - mine looks more like a squashed bug at the end of my eye.  I have tried several times to do it, but for some reason, the end result just isn't what I intended.  So, I guess I'll be YouTube-ing it like mad to see how people actually do it.  I have my doubts that it will work for me, because of my crows' feet - might end up going into the creases!  Yikes, now I'm really scared.  At least, I have a week to practice, so here goes nothing ...

Watch this space - it's either going to be fabulous or disastrous!  :)

... Well, I tried ... yes, it turned out to be a dead bug again :(  Very despondent about this end result.  I shall keep trying 'cause that's just what we gals do, but oi !  I was really disappointed - I thought I had this thing down pat, but NO!  Yes, a squashed bug ... have a look (and don't be too harsh)  Ha, ha, ha - this is so pathetic!! LOL!



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