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Beauty Bulletin Challenge - Week 1

Beauty Bulletin Challenge - Week 1

I've decided to take part in the Beauty Bulletin challenge. 

The entire challenge can be found here.

 Week 1:

The First challenge!


You are stranded in a desert for a whole week and you only have 1 makeup product in your pocket. It’s the one thing that will keep you feeling sane while you in search of your lush cosmopolitan world… 

What will it be? We challenge you to wear ONLY this 1 makeup product and share with us your daily experiences in your Beauty Diaries (include photo’s, videos- we DARE you, the more the better!)

Challenge accepted!

For my one makeup product I choose my Maybeline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Pink Punch, so this means: no foundation, no eyeliner, no mascara and no eye shadow or anything else on my lips for this week. So glad I decided to do a facial yesterday! I will update this Beauty Diary post on a daily basis.


Day 1: Monday 26 May 2014

Woke up this morning and rushed over to Beauty Bulletin to find out what this weeks challenge is, I have extremely dry lips come summer, come winter (then it's even worse!) So if I got stranded in a desert with only one makeup product it had better be lip blam. The reason I chose the Baby Lips out of all my lip balms is because it has a tint of colour and pink is my favourite. As Murphy's law would have it, I woke up this morning with a blemish so no hiding it today, but that's ok, I can live with it! 


Day 2: Tuesday 27 May 2014

Today is the second day of the challenge, the blemish is still there and it feels like it wants to devour my face. I am really missing my eyeliner and mascara, usually when I go out without it and people I know sees me I get asked if I'm sick. On another note, my eyes feel less tired and I'm saving a lot of time just applying the lip balm.


Day 3: Wednesday 28 May 2014

Today is the 3rd day of the #OutOfYourComfortZone challenge, the blemish I had have has finally decided to flee into near nothingness, so now I'm feeling more confident.  Having no makeup on, except for the lip balm, makes me think more creatively on how to wear my hair and the more confident I feel the more I am taking my hair away from my face.


Day 4: Thursday 29 May 2014

Today I got up a bit earlier just to remember that I didn't have to put on any makeup so I took my time to get dressed and do my hair. I braved the mall with my no makeup face and survived it! I rocked a sleek ponytail and my pink baby lips lips doing my monthly grocery shopping, I wasn't even tempted to purchase any makeup!


Day 5: Friday 30 May 2014

Today is the 5th and last day of the #OutOfYourComfortZone challenge. The blemish that wanted to devour my face is completely gone now, my skin feels soft and my eyes are grateful for the break I gave them. I miss my eyeliner and mascara a little bit and I miss put my other lip goodies on my lips! So what did I learn this week ? You don't always need makeup to feel beautiful and that feeling beautiful is what you make of it. You can either run from what you don't like about yourself and hide away if you can't change it or you can embrace it by accepting what you don't like about yourself. Even if you can change what you don't like by hiding it beneath makeup, accepting your flaws will make you more confident and that will already make you more beautiful. Remember to always have charisma, remember to always smile and be confident! 


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