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Beauty Blenders VS Makeup Brushes! Here`s how to choose..

I know when it comes to applying makeup, with all the tips and tricks available it can easily make you feel so overwhelmed, and not so rushing to try out new techniques, eyeshadows, lipsticks etc. However, I've found myself in this situation of late, when I purchased a new matte foundation, and for me I opted to use a beauty blender instead of a makeup brush. I know some of you are huge fans on makeup brushes, but they really is no one fit for all kind of a solution. You have to go with what works for you, your skin and based on the type of foundation you use, matter, mousse, powder, or oil based. Keep reading and you`ll soon know what will work for you, based on my thoughts..

Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, and yes, one also get dupes of the real deal. So based on what you can afford you can either go for the real deal, called a beauty blender or a dupe, it doesn't matter at all. It's basically a `classy` name for a makeup sponge, so now that's that settled let's get into it.

Loves:- Beauty blenders allows foundation to freely, go into your skin without much effort.-You will use less foundation by making use of a beauty blender.-Its doesn't leave streaks or lines on the skin-For dry skin sufferers, a beauty blender is a must, because it won't irritate the skin and cause it to flake.-Beauty blenders are gentle on the skin, thanks to its soft texture.

Hates:-Beauty blenders need to be cleaned more often than brushes, because it absorbs products, like foundation and concealers.-Because you have to dab foundation onto skin with beauty blenders, it's a time consuming way of applying foundation

Makeup Brush

Loves: -Because brushes are more bendable and flexible in terms of shape of the brush, your makeup or foundation application would be more precise when using a brush.-Brushes can be used for both foundation and powder applications, unlike a beauty blender that only works well with foundation.-Makeup brushes are also useful in building coverage, which a beauty blender can't do.

Hates:-Makeup brushes also need to be cleaned, and at times require specific cleansers which could be expensive.-Your makeup could end up looking cakey and streaky thanks to lines left behind by makeup brushes.-Makeup brushes are way more expensive than beauty blenders, which I found the dupes to be very affordable.As mentioned before, I prefer the beauty blender dupe over any makeup brush. My makeup is easily applied, without any lines, or build up and my sensitive skin doesn't suffer at all. Which one do you prefer?

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