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Beat the ageing bug with simple techniques and remedies

Beat the ageing bug with simple techniques and remedies



Hi BB beauties


In my experience, looking good and managing anti ageing should not involve countles trips to the beauty salon or even spending fortunes on miracle creams and potions.


Keep things simple.



This is what has always worked for me (might even find some of these in your kitchen cupboards)


Olive Oilb2ap3_thumbnail_olive-oil.png


Its beauty benefits can simply not be stressed enough. A great natural moisturiser for skin, incredible hair growth formula if left overnight and overall just a must have in any home.

Apply on wrinkles and dry skin, also leave overnight and wake up to a healthy, sparkling, fresh face.





Another one of nature's most beloved fruits. Although fatty, contains a huge amount of natural vitamins and minerals; especially vitamin E which is essential for great skin and even healthy hair and anti-oxidants which combats the antiageing bug.

Treat your skin to a lovely avocado face mask or face pack least once a week to enjoy a flawless and more radiant you.


Combine with a few drops of lemon juice to target blemishes, dark marks and even those pesky pimples.


Finally, enjoy a fresh glass of Rooibos tea any time for a great start to your day, stock up on anti-oxidants, combat ageing or just enjoy the great refreshing taste.




Use the tea for just about anything and everything. I was my face with it daily, use as a hair rinse for oily or dry hair, add some tea to you bath water for a touch of something different and enjoy great benefits anytime.




Take Care






DIY Avocado Face Mask by Suzelle
My secret(s) against ageing

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