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BB Creams: essence vs Sorbet

BB Creams: essence vs Sorbet

Sorbet BB Cream in Light, R99.95 vs essence All-in-One BB Cream in 01, R54.95

I hardly ever wear foundation these days, as I’ve switched to BB Creams. My favourite is the Garnier one, but as these two landed on my desk at a similar time, I thought I’d pair them off against each other.

BB Cream Spots

I don’t think I’ve ever been so disappointed in a product as I was with the Sorbet BB. It was sticky, had a funny texture, and managed to make my pores look more visible. It made every imperfection and fine line on my skin show-up more than usual. I hope that perhaps it was stored badly, or exposed to extreme heat that changed its formula because if not, they should go back to the drawing board with this one.


The essence on the other hand was incredible. At first it looked very pink, but blended well and face my skin a radiant glow. The texture is such that it feels like it ‘melts’ into your skin – improving the appearance, rather than making you look like a bad wax figure. The texture is very light, but gives enough coverage for everyday wear. In fact, I might go so far as to say I’m going to replace my Garnier with it – mainly because the essence one has a SPF30 as opposed to the SPF15 in Garnier.

Both are available in 3 shades, but sadly both lacking in the ethnic shade department!

Advantage: Definitely essence! It is just a far, far better product in my eyes – and it’s nearly half the price of the Sorbet one!

Dove Colour Radiance product range

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