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BB Cream Low Down

BB Cream Low Down

​The average woman does not have time to do a full face make up routine.  If you're like me *raise your hand*, you spend hours on YouTube basically researching how to achieve the best "face" with minimum products.  Typically I search for "quick everyday make-up routine" and I obviously get thousands of videos on this.

I've watched hundreds of them and the popular thing that comes up is the BB Cream also known as a Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm.  It's sometimes slightly cheaper than foundation, has the benefits of a moisturizer and gives SOME coverage.

In my search for the perfect BB cream I got into some situations and they got me wondering, who should we trust to make us the perfect BB cream?  Should you trust a skin care company or a company that focuses mainly on make up?

A skin care company would probably make a BB cream that's got all the benefits of your favourite moisturizer.  Obviously this is a benefit since you want your skin to stay good while you get a bit of coverage. However, I found that with most of these kinds of BB creams, they do not have a variety of shades so getting one to match your skin tone is extremely difficult.  They also often have a grey undertone which makes the probability of finding a match even more difficult especially for dark skinned ladies.  I will not name and shame any companies but I think you know them. I mean, who would make just 2 or 3 shades for women of Africa? Light, Medium and Dark?? Seriously though??


A make-up company would probably be able to give more variety on shades to match your skin tone and possibly better coverage since this department is their specialty but would it be good to your skin?  If the make-up brand is reputable they will ensure that the moisture factors all their foundation and foundation-like products are of good quality.  However, I do find that these kinds of BB creams are a bit pricier.  Sometimes it's like you might as well buy the foundation. 

So… caught between a rock and a hard place here.

Who do you trust for your BB cream needs?

Which ones are your favourite?

What are your struggles with BB creams?

Please let me know in the comments below.



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