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Basics of a Healthy Beauty Routine

The 21st century seems to be obsessed with beauty and new trends are constantly emerging. Trying to keep up can be overwhelming and it's sometimes hard to find a balance between looking your best, following trends, and taking care of your body.

That's why we've prepared a mini-guide on how to establish a healthy beauty routine that will give you the desired results but won't be too demanding on you physically or emotionally.

​Find skin care products that work and stick to them

Skincare has become a huge industry, with the new hottest ingredient, formula, or brand emerging every month. There was the vitamin C craze, the back-to-basics olive oil obsession reintroduced by J. Lo, and the latest skincare trend is probiotics.

Obviously, we all want to have perfect, glowing skin and sometimes, we can't resist the temptation of buying an obviously overpriced product that promises to do wonders. But switching up your skincare every couple of weeks can do massive damage to your skin.

The skin needs some time to adapt to each new substance you introduce and if you're constantly changing what you're putting on, it disrupts the skin's natural balance. So the number 1 basic of a healthy skincare routine is consistency. Find a product you like and stick to it.

​​Try non-invasive treatments...

Aggressive plastic surgery is out. There is now a non-invasive procedure for virtually any insecurity.

Dermal fillers replaced botox. Permanent makeup has abolished cartoonish eyebrow tattoos, so microblading has become the go-to brow enhancement procedure. There's also cosmetic tattoo enhancement for lips and eyelids, so you never have to apply actual makeup ever again.

Of course, even though these procedures involve virtually no downtime, you still need to put some effort into them. All permanent makeup involves a healing period, and quality products available at PhiBrows Shop USA will get you through this process. Commit to proper aftercare and you'll be fine.

With these procedures, you won't have to wear makeup every day, which will allow your skin to rest and breathe.

​...But be choosy about who performs them

For starters, you should never go to untrained, uncertified "technicians".

Instead, do some leg-work and research artists before you book an appointment, and be prepared to travel for quality. If you're looking for eyebrow PMU artists who've taken microblading classes Miami is full of great techs. Look for artists who have a lot of experience and don't try to save money.

Otherwise, you could end up with unsatisfactory brows you have to wear for about a year and a half.

​Get your hydration on

This one is an oldie but goodie.

We all know how important hydration from within is for the skin, so we won't go into it too much, but a quick reminder can't do any harm. Drinking your 8 cups of water a day will keep your skin plump and hydrated, and you won't need too much foundation or makeup to look fresh.

Never skip SPF

UV radiation has been proven to cause massive damage to the skin and experts are constantly warning us of the dangers of sunlight exposure. Yet, very few people actually acknowledge the risks.

In case you haven't included sun protection into your skincare and makeup routine now is the time to do so. We know, having to apply heavy, oily, coconut-scented film to your face every morning sounds like a bore, but the industry has come a long way and there are now many products formulated for the face.

You can find a whole range of non-greasy, light formulas you can apply over or under your foundation in seconds. Or you can get a foundation that already has SPF. This way, you're protecting your skin from premature aging, sunspots, and cancer.

Exfoliate regularly with homemade peels

After sunlight protection, the second best thing you can do for your skin is to exfoliate it regularly.

Removing dead skin cells from the surface of your face has many benefits. It leaves it smoother and softer, but it also gets rid of the dust and dirt that gets into our pores which can't be removed with just washing. It unclogs pores and prevents breakouts.

You probably know all this, but what you don't know is that both drugstore and high-end exfoliating products are full of artificial ingredients and fragrances which can dry out your skin and get into your bloodstream. Why expose your body to chemicals if you don't have to?

The alternative is as simple as mixing some sugar with a natural oil of your choice. You don't have to cash out on expensive products - you can DIY with simple ingredients you have in your kitchen.

Final word

As you may have noticed, our philosophy for creating a beauty routine that's both efficient and good for you is simplicity. Downsizing and simplifying your skincare routine will allow your skin to breathe and go through its natural processes, while quick non-invasive treatments can replace heavy makeup that clogs our pores and wastes our precious time. Your skin will thank you!

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