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Avon True Colour Review


Receiving my tracking number from the post office I was so excited that I popped my whole family in my Ford to go and rush to the post office Saturday to see what Avon products I got from Beauty Bulletin to review for the Avon review club.

Whilst driving home I couldn’t bare to wait a second longer I asked hubby to rip open the packaging to show case 2 lovely black Avon boxes containing the all new True colour Eyeshadow Quads!!

I received two quads – Metal Eyes (If you like their previous range of Pink Sands) and Purpel haze (if you liked their previous range called Fresh cut Greens).

The colour you see is the colour you get! What is more lovely is that its designed for absolutely EVERY SKIN TONE!

Not having put on make up that morning (on purpose!!!) I started out my new products. Please bare in mind that I am not at all a professional make up artist. Just a working mother of 1 loving to experiment with new products. So my first look of Purple Haze could have been much better, but that is what this reviews are all about, getting there! And my second look was Metal eyes!

Firstly the new numbered shades help you create easy expert looks! Just follow the numbers 1-2-3-4 and check on the cardboard box the quad came in for some guidance as to where the numbers need to be on your eyes. But that’s the beauty of Avon, you can mix up your numbers or leave some of them out. Your eyes are your canvas, so start paining ladies!

The appication is very smooth, I also love the eyeshadow brush included in the quad. Very smooth on the eyelid so that it glides on effortlessly! The more dramatic look you want, the more you apply.

I will upload photos (which with my canon does not do the make up any justice!) of the looks I create!

Avon Colour pallet - Review - Night look 1

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