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So... it began a curiosity, grew into a necessity, progressed to a mild obsession and spiraled out of control into an obscene obsession!

It all started the day Avon and BeautyBulletin teamed up to create something beautiful!

I finally received an email that I had hoped I would receive! I had checked my email every 2 minutes getting more and more depressed that there was nothing waiting for me from BB and Avon :( But then one day..THERE IT WAS!!! Excitement filled my entire body and then the next obsession began... tracking the parcel constantly .. countless smses to the tracking system and visits to the post office...then 3 days ago there it was! And my make-up fetish was nourished!!b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_49971.JPG

Enough about me... This is all about Avon and their Lipsticks and Liners!

I thought I would ease my way into things. So, I started with the Ultra Colour Blush Nude shade. I decided to try a day and night look for each shade I was so kindly given. For my day/office look I tried a very soft smokey eye using brown and champagne metallics. I have a naturally dark eye area and prefer not to accentuate this. This is how it turned out:)


For my night look I tried an ever so slightly darker smokey eye, this time using black and champagne metallics. Remember I try to keep my eye area as light and natural as possible, but if you are comfortable going bolder and darker with your eye colour then I think it would only add to the beauty of the lip colour. This is how my night look turned out:


The reason I chose to do smokey eyes with the Blush Nude lip colour from Avon is because I love a dramatic eye with a soft lip or vice versa, Dramatic lip soft eye.

After I had some fun with the Blush Nude I moved on the the Ultra colour Red 2000. I have always battled to find the right red for me, but I absolutely fell IN LOVE with this shade!! So again I tried to adapt the shade to both a day and night look. 

To achieve a day look I first moisturized my lips with lip sano (I have very dry lips so I always moisturize before applying lip colour). I applied the Avon Ultra Glimmerstick that I received to line my lips (This is great because it helps prevent lip colour from bleeding into the small creases surrounding your lips and it also adds a nice finish to the overall look). I dabbed the Avon Ultra Coloour Red 2000 onto my lips gently and the pressed my lips together. This limits the amount of lip colour on your lips and allows for a lighter more subtle shade. As with the Blush Nude, I was again pleasantly surprised at how smooth the lipstick appeared on my lips! What's more, my lips felt amazing! Here is how my day look turned out:


Again I have kept my eye very natural and light.

To achieve my "night lip" I began by again using the gorgeous Avon Ultra Glimmerstick to line my lip and then gently gliding the Lip colour over both my top and bottom lip for a fuller, richer colour. Again, I LOVE this shade of red! I have found it very difficult to find a red that is good for me and I must say that this is a lovely shade all round! Here is how my "night" look turned out.


NOW......ready to paint the town red ;)



In all honesty I think I have only ever used one Avon product and it was my mom's. I used to sneak some of her moisturizer when I was little. I suppose I find it convenient to buy make-up from a store rather than seeking out a consultant. I also love variety on display in front of my eyes, something I can touch, feel and sample. 

Having said that, I must say that I was genuinely impressed with the Avon beauty products I received! I loved the moisture that the lipsticks provided, my only criticism here is that my lips did feel dry after an hour or so, but I do have naturally dry lips so that could explain it. Living in Johannesburg will do that to your poor body (oh how I miss Durban!). I love the packaging and the elegant appearance of the lipsticks. My personal favourite, the small AVON engraving on the lipstick itself! Such a small touch but such a massive impact. I really enjoy using the Blush Nude shade and I can definitely see myself purchasing this shade over and over again. It is such a soft colour but it completely finishes a look without being overpowering. As for the Red 2000, I find the colour captivating and striking! I love it! Unfortunately this shade is definitely Ultra Colour but not colour stay:( The colour tends to bleed into the creases surrounding the lips over time and if you are going to be eating or drinking, my advice is find another shade to wear. It comes off at the softest and slightest touch. I found red lipstick smudged in little bits all over my face! (I hate having the sniffles:( the tissues interfere with my gorgeous lipstick!) At least the office was entertained ;) I had to touch up at least every hour to keep it neat and to ensure that all attention was kept on the stunning colour.  If Avon could perfect this exact shade it a colour stay option I am sold!!!!

Avon you have impressed me and I definitely view you as a major competitor in the make-up industry now! I cannot wait to try out some more of your products!

All you beautiful ladies out there I hope you have had as much fun with your products as I have and if you haven't tried Avon lip colour, I suggest you put it on your to do list:)

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