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Avon metallic colour palet - night look 2

Avon metallic colour palet - night look 2

I really cannot tell you how much I enjoy my new found obsession with Avon’s Metallic colour pallet. I’ve known and used Avon for a while now because it is such a trusted brand – I mean, it comes from my mother’s generation and they’re still going strong. Because I’m such an Avon loyalist I’ve introduced the eye shadow pallet to my friend and bride-to-be (post coming soon).

I always consult my trusty handbag sized Glamour Magazine for more info on trends and beautification so all my Avon posts are based on something I’ve seen in the Glamour mag. The newest trend is the studded eye lid and even though I cannot fathom how women manage to bat their pretty lashes comfortably while sporting the eye-dazzels, I have to admit, it is really pretty. The following look was sort of inspired by something I saw in the Glamour magazine (but just without the gems).

I get carried away

This is my good side

When it comes to makeup and as mentioned before, I love simple, easy makeup and great looking makeup. I don’t like being over-done either.

I decided to use the following colours plus the 3rd from the bottom (now we’re here)

IMG_0372 IMG_0373

First – Use a good primer or moisturiser – why not use one that’s good for you? Use a Hey Gorgeous tinted moisturiser (R185) which comes in banish and repair, vitamin C or anti-aging.
It helps the powder stick to the skin. You can also use some E L F eyelid primer (I sound like a pro now hey). I hear they are amazing!!!

I started off with using the milky metallic (at the top) and covered my entire eyelid with it and I used it generously. I then used the oxblood/maroon to cover the eyeball to crease area (whatever that’s called) and in the corners (by the tear ducts and the outside corner) I splashed a little silver. This is (apparently) extremely KEY to the metallic finish.

I also want to share with you a very awesome move that the Hannon lady showed me regarding blusher application:

Blush application

Blush application

Imagine a “C”. With your Blusher brush, apply the blush powder from your forehead to over your cheekbone. As I’ve mentioned before in one of my posts, it has to look like you’re sunkissed. So that means the tippie of your nose and your chin too. Just dab a little there as well. And then… voila!!

I love me when I'm Avon'ed

I love me when I’m Avon’ed

I finished off the look with my trusty Avon Glimmerstick in Black (Thank you Beauty Bulletin), my Scandaleyes and my Apocalips in Celestial. My outfit was a grey one so I let my makeup to the talking on my behalf and I must say… it was a hit. Together with the red nails done over with white crackling nail polish I felt pretty and confident. A great braai night out with a little bit of a splash.

Thanks Avon and Beauty Bulletin! I love my Metallic eye shadow (just wish I took more pics of myself using it).

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