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Avon metallic colour pallet - look 3

Avon metallic colour pallet - look 3

Yesterday I had some time on my hands so I thought I'd play with some of my new toys. I collected my very first Rubybox ever yesterday and I was happy to find that they sent me their house brand Va Va Volume mascara! *shriek* *mascara-holic dance*. I'm ashamed to say that since I received my Avon my Glimmerstick that I've only posted 2 looks... ah Seppuku! So, to make up for lost posts I am going to show you something that should not be seen in real life - me without makeup. Warning - not for sensitive viewers!


My "first things first" product when applying makeup is my Hey Gorgeous tinted moisturiser. Mine is Almond tinted and is a Vitamin C moisturiser. It is excellent for your 20 something year old that wants to fight the early signs of aging.

Without thinking I reached for the VA VA Volume mascara and applied it to my stumpy lashes.



I applied the glimmerstick on the lid just above the lashes and also the eye line.


You can already see the difference right? Then I applied the creamy shade on the lid between the lashes and the crease. I was very surprised with the colour - absolutely love it. I then applied the dark brown in a rectangular shape across the rest of the lid and started blending... I'm loving the rectangle move.


I finished off the makeup application with my blusher and my Rimmel nude apocalips.


Then I played around with some scary faces and hair styles... I'm ridiculous...


Thanks Avon and Beauty Bulletin... you guys are the bizniz!

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