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Avon lipstick and lip liner review Part 1:

Avon lipstick and lip liner review Part 1:


Avon Product Review for Beauty Bulletin Part 1:


I was extremely excited to have been chosen as one of the lucky ladies to test and review a couple different Avon Goodies. I have really been looking forward to going through and exploring this process by experimenting and playing with the different products to find looks that work for me. My objective is to be as open and honest as possible. When applying to be on this trial team, I chose to rather test out the lip products as this is something completely outside of my normal comfort zone...


Lipsticks and lip liners are foreign to me and will be a new form of expression. They are products that I haven’t really had the opportunity to experience and experiment with… I had a really sheltered upbringing and because of it, I’m quite conservative in the choices I make in regards to fashion, make up, etc. I can only ever remember wearing lip stick once before (apart from fooling around as a kid playing dress up), and that was for my wedding day. My gran had a pretty pink lipstick that we all thought would work quite well… It wasn’t even a thought out decision, was pretty much spur of the moment and I will admit that it was the perfect touch and was what I needed to finish my look off. I have since then, always wanted to try more out but in all honesty, I have been pretty lost and not sure where to start. To even think of starting, was a scary concept…


For a newbie like me, all this is pretty daunting. I became a mom quite early on into my marriage, and I’m sure other moms will agree and feel like this, but once you have kids, your priorities change. So, apart from not knowing where to begin, I have this other role that I need to fill… Motherhood changes your life’s dynamics. There isn’t always that extra bit of money in the budget to use for yourself… so you pretty much put yourself last on the list and do without things that could be considered to be a luxury. You do this out of love for your kids. Being chosen was a huge surprise and I’m so thankful for this opportunity. In a way, not having much experience in using these type of products can actually be a good thing as I can give the point of view from an outsider. I promise to be completely truthful when reviewing these products, and in my views and opinions on these products.


This experience is going to be a learning experience for me and I hope that you enjoy going on this journey with me… The way in which I have chosen to do this review is to divide it into three sections… The first being my initial thoughts and feelings on the actual products received. Then I will go onto the fun section where I test and try out the products and try to find what works for me. I will have a look at how I’ve found using these products and if my family and friends have embraced my new look and then finally, will conclude with my final thoughts on the products and if I’d recommend it to others.


I think I’ve reached that stage in my life where I feel stuck…like I’ve fallen into a style rut…I think becoming a mom has had a huge impact on my life. I love being a mom, but I’d like to start feeling good about myself…I think it’s time now. I would love my style to evolve into a more modern and mature look. I’m ready to grow up and I think by doing this make up transformation, people will start to see a different side of me and start to take me more seriously…I think it will give me that added confidence that I so desperately need.. There’s a lot riding on this review J


I do have realistic expectations though… Do I think that a simple tube of lipstick is going to completely change my life? Answer: No, But, I do think that it is going to be the catalyst for change and like they say change is as good as a holiday!


Pics of the Products I received to review: Lots of stunning goodies to test!!





My first impression on the goodies I received:


Getting the slip to say that my parcel was at the post office was like Christmas morning!! I was so filled up with excitement…I could hardly wait to pick it up!! All I wanted to do was open up my parcel and see the stunning goodies that I was sent!! When I finally did get the chance to open the parcel up, it was so worth the wait! I was lucky enough to be sent a true red lip liner and 2 x lipsticks (Country Rose F7488400 and Red 2000 F7514900).


I can’t be happier to have these items to test and try out. They look really lovely. The red is going to be fun to try out as you see so many celebs rocking this look and it looks amazing on them…I can’t wait to see whether or not I too can pull it off. With my pale white skin tone, it’s sure to stand out.


The Country Rose is more of a shade that I’d be drawn towards. It’s beautiful but doesn’t look too overpowering… I think that it will be a shade suitable for any occasions and you can wear it daily. The red for me, I would think that it would be reserved for special occasions, going out at night or when you want to be bold and make a statement.











The colour lipsticks are so different and I know that there are many different looks that can be created. I can’t wait to see what works better for the day look and which of the two lipsticks are better for the night time look…  I have already said that my guess is that the Red would be better for night and that the Country Rose would be suitable for any occasion and can be worn daily, but we will have to see. Anything is possible and maybe it will come as a surprise that the Red works better for day. I think that it would depend on the situation and what different people’s preferences are. I don’t think that you can get it wrong. If a shade works for you and looks great then why not wear it whenever?


I am a bit nervous though as it’s a huge step for me… I tend to stick to the more toned down and natural looking colours…  It’s going to be a big change for me. These colours are gorgeous!! They are so bold and bright… Definitely colours that you would wear to make a statement. For me, any pop of colour would be a statement!


I can’t wait to see my family’s reaction and hear what they think!! I can’t stop looking at the colours, they are so pretty!! You always hear people using the words vivid and lush to describe lipsticks and I never really understood why until now. There are no better words to use to describe them… the colours are so lush and vivid. The colours so rich and bold... I am pleasantly surprised with these products and looking forward to trying them out!



Here are some pictures to show the colours of the lipsticks and lip liner:










I love how clearly everything is labelled on the packaging and how easy it is to open up. It is all so neatly packed and sealed. It’s important for products to be sealed because then at least you know that you are the first person to use it. I hate how some products in the shops don’t have seals on them and because of this, you don’t know how many countless people have opened them up to test if it’s right for them… For health and safety reasons, I am a big fan of sealed products and I’m so glad that this is the case with the Avon products. I can confidently say that Avon has their customer’s best interests at heart.


I also like the fact that there is a sticker at the bottom of the lipstick tube to give you an idea of the shade and colour. It would make it easier to match which ones work with your skin tone without having to test it on your skin and will help you choose your favourites…


To open up the lipstick, all you have to do is pull on the perforated plastic tab. It’s so quick and easy to do. Avon, could not have made it any easier for you to open. The plastic falls off like a shell and once the packaging has been removed, what you are left with is the lipstick container. I absolutely love the silver band around the container which is engraved with the words Avon… it’s so chic and clean cut. It’s so stylish and the appearance is extremely striking to look at.


The appearance of the lipstick containers might be simple, but I think that it is usually the simplest things that end up being the nicest and have the biggest impact. I think that it is really eye catching and if I saw it in the shops, I would be interested in buying it.


















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