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Aussie Girls’ Beauty and Style Guide

Aussie Girls’ Beauty and Style Guide

Have you ever wondered how on Earth the gals from Down Under manage to look perpetually stunning, with their pearly white smiles, wavy locks and effortless outfits? Worry not, because many before you have asked the same questions, and luckily for us, Aussie ladies have been more than happy to share their beauty secrets with us in order to amp up our own daily routines!

Master the natural look

As one of the greenest nations on the planet, it's no wonder they know how to appreciate natural beauty and the true meaning of "little can go a long way". Yes, they love their makeup, and they'd always go sustainable and all-natural if possible, but they'll also gladly opt for skincare and accentuating their most alluring features. That means investing predominantly in quality skincare and haircare, devoting yourself to finding the right routine, never skipping exfoliation and sunscreen and choosing pure, natural ingredients. Need a scrub? Use the fine sand on your nearby beach after a swim, or a homemade coffee scrub. After all, Aussies are known lovers of fine brews!

The true meaning of hydration

These women live and bathe in approximately 300 days of sun every year. And as jealous as you may be at the moment, sun's harmful radiation and scorching temperatures make your skin parched almost constantly, so these ladies have learned how to keep their skin and hair well-hydrated, inside and out. And it's so much more than finding the right moisturizer! According to dietician Chloe McLeod, you need to mind your water intake before you reach the "I'm thirsty" stage, and you can always infuse your water with healthy fruits and veggies, to make it more interesting if you're having a hard time keeping track of your water intake.

Accessorize like a true Aussie

Even their baubles and add-ons have a purpose, and they still wear them with style. With hours spent working and no time to waste, these ladies rely on eye experts to make their look stand out with the right pair of glasses. To that end, ladies in Sydney don't hesitate to visit their trusty optometrist in Broadway to make sure their eyewear is protective, purposeful and stylish. Add to that a powerful red lip and a tote that can fit all your business notes, and skincare essentials (such as that face mist that Aussie girls love amidst the summer heat). This way they can effortlessly transition from their office outfit to an ensemble for an evening cocktail party. And of course, they never leave their home without sunscreen in their purse.

Rock your casual

The essence of their "I just threw this on" look boils down to picking your garments purposefully, just like your accessories. We've all seen them wearing the same ripped jeans while walking down the streets during the day, and instantly alter their look with a loose bun, a touch of highlighter, and a pair of designer ankle boots for a night at the club. These ladies put comfort first – they choose multifunctional, easily adjustable pieces such as flowy dresses, crisp white shirts, oversized sweaters, boho-inspired sandals and logo tees that can be mixed and matched with little effort. It takes finesse, but you can do the same if you think minimal thoughts and craft your wardrobe based on your daily adventures, always with comfort in mind.

Elevate your look with high heels

But not just your classic black pumps, although they can come in handy every now and then, Aussie women truly know how to walk that walk in the strangest, most authentic footwear items you could possibly imagine. Think floral embroidery, glittery add-ons, sequins, pearls, velvet boots, silver Saint Laurent heels, geometric shapes, color-blocking. You name it, they've tried and liked it, and they know how to wear them. High heels in fun shapes and colors are the signature move for Australian women, so if you want to update those loose shirts and pantsuits that are taking the world by storm – use your feet to do the talking as well!

With a little imagination and some pointers from our Aussie fashionistas, you can easily overcome your current style limits to discover what details and essentials work best for your taste and lifestyle. And with proper healthy choices to accompany your love for fashion, you can finally unleash your inner diva!

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