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You've probably heard this one before, but Australians are peculiar people. It might come from the fact that they celebrate Christmas on the beach, that their summers are rainy and cool, or simply from the fact that they're living on a rather isolated continent. Australians have their own dialect, their slang and customs, and their own fashion and beauty trends and standards which we'll try to present to you here.

Skin care

First things first: Aussies care so much about their skin! Not just the girls and women, but boys and men as well. Due to the great weather and the number of sunny days per year, Australians have those wonderful sun-kissed complexions the rest of the world envies. On the other hand, that also means that their skin gets dry more easily, thus moisturizer is a must-have in their beauty bags. Also, makeup with sunscreen is a great choice for girls who are in a hurry: lip gloss and foundation with SPF are great way of protecting your delicate skin from harmful sun rays.

Laid-back style

If there's one thing all Aussies have in common, it's their complete and utter laid-back attitude in life. They are very relaxed and cool about pretty much anything and everything in life, fashion included. All those die-hard trend-followers from around the world can't help but wonder just how Aussies manage to embrace and adapt every trend, but it's easy: you just have to be willing to have fun and play with trends and outfits. If a particular piece isn't to your liking, change it until you like it and wear it like that – changed and unique. 

Fit and strong

Besides having sun-kissed skin, Aussies have toned and muscular bodies. Even when their weight isn't ideal, they are strong and muscular, and this goes for older generations as well. Still, they don't spend a great deal of their time at gyms nor do they particularly like strenuous workouts. They owe their strength and muscles to their outdoorsy lifestyle and their love for movement. They spend a great deal of their time at the beach swimming, surfing, playing beach volleyball, or running around with their pets, and they don't see it as a form of exercise, but as a lifestyle. As a result, Aussies are tanned and muscular, and very proud of their physique too (as they should be).

Obsessed with organic and natural

Australians are very dedicated to their health, and no matter whether it's food, clothes, or beauty products we're talking about, natural and organic products are valued above all else. Vegan leather and faux fur are incredibly popular, as are organic fruit and vegetables, raw honey, and natural cosmetics (vegan, environmentally friendly, and sulfate- and paraben-free). They appreciate their organic cotton clothes as much as their cruelty-free makeup, and this makes them a truly environmentally friendly as well as healthy nation. 

Bold and daring

We already mentioned that Aussies accept and adapt fashion trends before they actually wear them, and this leads to some very bold and daring outfits which they rock with ease and confidence. Embrace the '70s by wearing flared jeans and pair them with sleek tops with ruffled sleeves and stiletto heels for a lovely vintage-meets-modern look. Spice up that little black dress with a killer bomber jacket and a pair of comfy Adidas shoes. Instead of wearing lingerie underneath lace dresses or tops, you can always opt for a sexy swimsuit instead. Buy real Australian swimwear online and wear it under crop tops for a sexy look, or under classic tracker jackets for that athleisure vibe.

Even though globalization and the internet have made the world more uniform than ever before, and people everywhere seem to like similar things and follow similar trends, Australians still remained unique and different. They are easy to spot in a crowd and their laid-back attitudes help them look and feel comfortable in their own skin and clothes. 

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