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At home Brazil Cacau Hair treatment using cadiveu product.

At home Brazil Cacau Hair treatment using cadiveu product.

b2ap3_thumbnail_sketch-1426075344593.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_sketch-1426075325130.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_rps20150311_125302_20150311-113024_1.jpgSo I've got super thick, very long very fuzzy curly hair! 

I've searched long and hard and spent a fortune on my hair to find a miracle!  And about 2 years ago I tried the cadiveu Brazil Cacau keratin treatment and wow wow flipping wow!!!  Felt like I had been given a gift from heaven! My hair came out super shiny dead straight with no frizz!!  Now I have to mention that this was at the salon and i paid an extreme R1800 with the special shampoo and condition they gave me. The results how ever lasted months, like u can push on 6 months so if u do it twice a year ur good. I have to also mention lol that once you have done it your not gonna go without it! 

With it being so expensive in couldn't keep going for it so my poor hair went back to fuzzy :(.  Now the other day I found a lovely lady name Jenna lange that sells it at a affordable price and couriers the product to you with a lovely detailed step by step guide on how to do it yourself at home. I paid R400 with courier fee for a 50ml set of everything u need and she even gave gloves,comb and application brush!!!

So firstly you do need a Ghd or equily top quality straightener to do this treatment. And I suggest rubbing vasaline on the skin around your hair line to keep the product off the skin. So easy and simple steps by step to this is... 

1) wash you hair well with the lovely shampoo provided and leave it on for at leasleast 10min to get it ready. 

2) dry you hair with hairdryer until like 85% dry. And now you carefully pin ur hair up and start in sections from roots and brush through insuring you cover all your hair but applying as little as possible to each bit insuring u don't run out before u have done it all. Keep the product away from your eyes and put your gloves on cause it is strong. 

3) now again with your hairdryer you dry your hair with the product on until dry and then it's the difficulty part, you have to in small sections with your ghd, ghd every little bit of hair like 12 times on every strand,  it will feel like you are over straightening but this is to reconstruct your hair straight so it is important that u do it at least 12 slow times a section.  My hand got sore from all the ghding hahaha.  And I must mention that the steam/fumes that come off your hair during this step can make your eyes water so do it in a well ventilated room. 

4) so now your hair is straight.  So now you do the final step and rinse your hair out until it feels like you have washed off the product ( I know you thinking wtf wash it again after all the straightening)    and then apply the conditioner provided and leave it on for like 20 min or as long as you can cause it's amazing for the hair!  

Then your done!!! Yay!!!  Whoop whoop!  

The results are amazing.  I've taken before and after photos . Both photos were taken after blow drying just using my fingers and no brush to help so it's genuine what u see is what u get! So you beautiful ladies can trust me on this!  

The 50ml products i bought was just just enough for my hair,I could have needed a bit more but most people don't have hair as long and thick as mine so I'm confident it's enough for you. You need to use a sulfate free shampoo and condition after treatment cause otherwise it washes out quick, the marc Anthony range is good quality. 

You can purchase from Jenna Jay Lange on  or you can email her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  She is super friendly and fast service as I ordered Sunday and the courier dropped off Tuesday.  

Happy hair heaven girls!!!!! 

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