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April Test Box.. Hair Heaven!!

April Test Box.. Hair Heaven!!

This is an exciting one!  I'm doing the April test box before I do the March one and reason being my hair has just been washed so no need for shampoo and conditioner I'll skip to the treatment lol ;) 

This is my first Test Box delivery and I back paid for March so I received both with a super on time delivery at 7:55 this morning!!!  but let me focus on the April box for now.. 

The April test box cost me R160 and it contains 2 Joico K-pak products and a beautiful double dipped comb.  The products are 100ml bottles of the Deep-penetrating reconstructor and the Intense Hydrating treatment, these are for dry damaged hair or hair that has been coloured or over processed.  Both these are sulphate free and safe to use on Brazilian treated hair but don't over do it with the protein reconstruct.  

The Deep-penetrating reconstruct is an intensive protein treatment that rebuilds and improves the structure of your hair. Now depending on the state of your hair this can be used once every two weeks or twice a week for extremely damaged hair.  If over used it can make hair feel hard so best to take it easy and see how it feels on your hair. Because I already washed my hair yesterday I decided to just wet me hair and apply this(cause I was so excited I couldn't wait haha) , it needs to be left on for 5min so I applied it and combed it through with the comb it came with and waited..... I washed it out with cold water and I could immediately feel that my hair felt stronger and it had a change in texture.  


Now they suggested that after the reconstruct you follow up with the Intense hydrator so I applied it to my already damp hair and again combed through and left for 5min....waiting... For amazement!!!                       Ok so I wash it out and all excited ran for the hair dryer haha cause  if your like me I wanna see the end result!  

I'm just gonna say that never have I ever had such shiny and soft hair! It's like my hair is glowing it's so amazing!!!  And it looks and feels beyond healthy!!  And the smell is like tropical banana goodness, so subtle yet devine!!!  

It's so good I struggled to capture it's brilliance on a photo but i have tried lol. 



The test box is available online at  at the amazing prize of R160 and the above two products and comb and delivery are valued at R530 so you are saving big time!!!  (u only get free delivery if you subscribe) 

Thanx for following my hair adventures :) 


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