An overnight hairstyle

One of the biggest time-depleters in the morning? Your hair. Sure, you can swipe on some lipstick in the parking lot before you head into the office, but good luck fitting your blow dryer and your curling iron into your purse (let alone finding an accessible outlet). And yet, nothing lets the world know you hit snooze a dozen times like bed head, cowlicks, and noticeable dry shampoo overload.

As a night owl who shudders at the thought of wearing buns all week in order to get out the door on time, I'm happy to report that ingenious "overnight" hairstyles exist. With these five hairstyles, you do your prep work the night before, so you can wake up, shake it out, and go. The cherry on top The main ingredient for all of these hairstyles is something you (hopefully) have a steady supply of: sleep. No crazy texturizing treatment, no damaging hot tool, just a pillow and some good old-fashioned z's.


Va-Va Voom Volume Want to skip the dry shampoo and wake up with Bridget Bardot volume in the morning? Sleep in a trendy topknot.

1. Start with damp hair, and apply a frizz-taming lotion throughout.
2. Flip your head over, gathering all of your hair into a ponytail at the very top of your head. Use a soft bristle brush to smooth the top and sides of your hair as you go. Secure with an elastic. (Keep it looser than usual to avoid tugging overnight.)
3. Wrap the ends of your ponytail around the base of the elastic, forming a bun. Secure the ends at the base of your ponytail using bobby pins. Mist with a hairspray like tresseme to recreate that just-teased volume and hit the hay.
4. Wake up and let your hair down. Lightly brush through hair with a soft bristle brush and lift at the roots for added volume. Re-fresh with hairspray if needed.