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amazing treatment

I arrived at the Beauty Expo at Gallagher Convention center where I was to have my treatment from Chrysalis courtesy of Beauty Bulletin. I found the stand quite easily.  I first met the ladies and I have to admit, they were supper friendly and came and introduced themselves to me. I was then asked to fill in some forms.


There after I had to lie on the bed.  A sweet lady covered me up from hip down.


At first I was very uncomfortable as it was open and some people passing by would stop and ask questions. But eventually once she started I began to relax.


 I found this facial treatment was very relaxing and enjoyable. Felt as if I could nap there.


The consultant was a french lady who was very experienced.

There were 4 steps she did with the machine and products. This combined gives the instant results.

1. Stimulation - leLotion relaxante

2. Smoothing -  leGel  illuminant

3. Toning -le Serum redensifiant

4. Drainage - leceme regenerate


Products used. And they smelt really amazing.


4 steps

Each step was basically like a vacuum. Just some steps were more intense with the suction.


Different Nozzles used in each step. Number 1 nozzle was used for step 3 as well.


After this session my skin felt firmer, rejuvenated and much brighter. This experience was really very awesome. It definitely left me feeling and looking younger and more confident.


I was disappointed as I was told that I would have 2 facials that would last 45 min. mine only lasted 25 min and only had one facial.

But I really enjoyed this anti-aging treatment. I would do it again any day.


Thank you Beauty Bulletin for this awesome opportunity.

 You can get more info at . There will be a Chrysalis spa in opening in  Hyde Park in November.

Lust Have, Must Have !!!
Vive le Chrysalis - Love your Skin

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