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All about my Valentines #FridayPrizeDay

All about my Valentines #FridayPrizeDay

​I can't tell you how many times my husband said to me that Valentines was nothing but a money making scheme to get us to part with our hard earned cash, well his sentiments are always wasted on me. I'm a true romantic and know just how to set the mood each year so he has no choice but to spoil me ,if he wants to reap the benefits later on that is "wink"

Okay so I don't go to a fancy spa or anything, I prefer to do my own thing. On Valentine's morning whilst hubby is busy destroying the kitchen trying to cook something up, I get my facial out of the way. I start by washing my face with a cleanser, at the moment it's Neutrogena,making sure my face is clean I then exfoliate it .To be honest I prefer sugar for this, it does a very good job. Then I steam my face, filling my sink with piping hot water, I sit infront of it for a bit. This is followed by a mask, which mostly is homemade but to save time I use a store bought one, Young solutions charcoal mask is a favorite of mine as its ultra purifying and doesn't dry out my skin. Lastly some moisturizer, I add some oil of neroli to it, I love this oil, it's so versatile and keeps my skin in tip top condition. 

By now the hubby has probably made a collosal Mess in the kitchen without even putting anything on the plate as yet lol oh well now it's time for an invigorating shower. Usually I have my Bikini wax done the day before so I'm all set "wink wink " .my favorite part is doing my hair and makeup.. I usually wear my hair up and keep my make up simple because Valentines is all about my red puckered up pout and of course a sultry cat eye.  

My husband will most probably have burnt breakfast by now so luckily I'm all dressed to eat and spend the day out.... The night ofcourse is another story :p

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