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Affordable organics for the young, young-at-heart and families

SANTE offers a wide range of modern, convenient quality organics at great value for money. Ideal for you if you want to green your entire beauty bag, ensure your whole family uses healthy, safe products or if you are perhaps considering testing the benefits of organic cosmetics for the first time. You are sure to find something to your fancy in this broad offering!

A little bit more about SANTE is part of the Germany-based Logocos family, pioneer and market leader in organic cosmetics since the 1970s, SANTE benefits from the many years of experience and research conducted since the early beginnings of natural beauty.


The SANTE Quality Guarantee


“All SANTE Natural Cosmetics products are developed and produced according to strict quality criteria. Natural raw materials like plant-sourced oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and distillates of blossoms are used, and also essential oils and aromas from certified organic cultivation (kbA) or wild-harvesting.


As well as the careful choice of raw materials used, the ecological tolerance of each product plays an important role, which means manufacturing processes that are very careful with the environment and resources, the optimal biodegradability of raw materials and finished products, and also the sparing use of recyclable packing materials.”
The SANTE Philosophy
"The development and production of SANTE natural cosmetics is based upon the responsible stewardship of nature’s – and, indeed, of people’s - resources. All products are manufactured in observation of extensive quality criteria. We choose our raw materials carefully, taking the value-preserving further processing into consideration, and guarantee environmentally-sound packaging materials and conscientious quality controls. We respect the needs of our environment, we are involved in the protection of animals and the preservation of the world as a whole.
SANTE stands for sustainable, natural cosmetic quality products, and represents principles which have become stronger and stronger in the course of the years. In order to give our customers, partners and suppliers a better understanding of these principles, we have summarised our values in five guiding principles. Because if we want to make the world a bit nicer, let’s start with ourselves!
ENVIRONMENT — We take responsibility for the planet.
Environmentally compatible packaging
Proven environmentally compatible production methods
No genetically modified or irradiated raw materials or packaging
2. NATURE — We trust in the power of Nature.
Raw materials of controlled organic origin or collected in the wild
Pure vegetable oils and active ingredients
Plant extracts from in-house production
No paraffins, parabens and silicones
No synthetic preservatives and colorants
3. RESPONSIBILITY — To us, „fair“and „responsible“ are synonymous.
An organically grown company with family-friendly working conditions
Close partnerships with our customers and suppliers
Local and global social commitment
Support for fair-trade products worldwide
4. QUALITY — We guarantee certified organic quality „made in Germany“.
Decades of experience in the development and production of natural cosmetics
Quality assurance by on-going control of raw materials and packaging materials
Certification of our products by independent control centers
International quality standards guarantee the best possible natural cosmetics quality
5. HUMANITY — For us, humanity is incompatible with animal experiments.
We do not conduct animal experiments
Advocating alternative test methods
Use of tried and trusted raw materials
Range of vegan products"
Organic Goji Day Cream
Velvety-soft indulgence for dry skin! This concentrated cream with active botanicals combines valuable organic goji berry extract, organic aloe vera, organic almond and organic passionflower oil for effective moisture. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles caused by dryness and results in a wonderfully soft, relaxed skin feeling.
The main ingredient in this is ORGANIC POMEGRANATE
Organic Schisandra Day Cream
This velvety-soft, light cream for sensitive skin combines valuable organic schisandra extract, organic camellia oil, organic aloe vera and organic plum extract for intensively revitalizing moisturization. It destresses the skin and boosts the skin’s own resistance. For a fresh, revitalized complexion
Grenadine Spirit shower gel
ampers your body and senses with a fresh fragrance like a spring day. The wonderfully delicate foam of especially mild surfactants cleanses your skin thoroughly yet gently, pampering it with valuable extracts of organic pomegranate and organic passion flower. Nurturing organic aloe vera provides your skin with intensive moisture even while showering.
Main ingredients:
Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Pomegranate, Passion flower
All They products are colorful in appearance, majority of the products are gluten free and vegan.
SO with this said beauties why don’t Experience the latest, fresh fragrances with all your senses.
Pamper yourself with the light and fine formulations of the care products, shower gels and lotions, and feel the nourishing care of valuable, purely plant-sourced ingredients.
Whether it’s for him or for her, for big or for small: welcome to the new world of SANTE natural cosmetics.
 With the newest, fresh fragrance bouquets with all your senses, be pampered by the light and fine consistency of the products and feel their nourishing care.


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