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A Guide on Finding Your Unique Personal Style

​No matter how fashion-conscious you might be, we've all been there, standing in front of our closets, looking at your wardrobe and being totally lost. What to wear? Why did I buy this? How do I even wear this? That's where your personal style should come in and help you choose something that's beautiful, impressive and uniquely yours. But what if you have no idea where that famous personal style of yours is hiding? Don't worry, we're here to help you find it, so you can always make strong impressions and approach every day with confidence knowing you look stunning!

Find your fashion role models

Stealing a bit of someone else's look as your inspiration is fair play when it comes to fashion. So, check out the Internet (Pinterest is your best friend) and see what style icon catches your eye. Maybe you love Cate Blanchett's bold suit aesthetics or maybe you're inspired by Meghan Markle's timeless elegance. If you're a guy, you might like Beckham's class or you might gravitate towards Alex Turner's rock'n'roll look. Whichever icon you choose, don't be scared to spice up their look and combine it with other styles. Finding different sources is a great way to realize what you like and what you definitely don't like.

Cleaning out your closet

Purge, baby, purge! Now it's time to take a hard look at your wardrobe and donate everything that you haven't touched in a long time. Once everything that stayed unworn in the last year is out, you can start fresh and build your new closet with the style that reflects who you are personality- and career-wise. I know, cleaning out your closet and parting with stuff can be very hard, but the faster you toss something out the easier it will be.

Don't stop at your clothes

Clothing makes only 50% of your personal style, so make sure to make other parts of your look uniquely yours. You might want to consider finding a good hair stylist or nail artist. If you've always wanted a tattoo, now is the time to get it. Getting a unique piece is something that will put a completely personal stamp on your look. Today, tattoos are more popular than ever and there are dozens of different styles to choose from. For instance, portrait tattoos are a great way to give someone the appreciation and dedication that they deserve and also it can be worn by all walks of life. Some of the best portrait tattoos are done in Sydney by artists with huge experience and an amazing sense of color and composition. A piece like that will definitely show the world who you are and even help you build your style around your tattoo.

Consider a uniform

This word might sound a bit too scary and boring, but some of the biggest style icons have a uniform their often wear. For instance, Bianca Jagger often sticks to a white tux, Taylor Swift is faithful to her bare-midriff-high-waist-skirt look while black turtlenecks will always be synonymous with Steve Jobs. Find something that works for you and you'll always know what to wear to look amazing and unique. Spice things up with unexpected accessories, various footwear and different hairstyles and you're ready to tackle any situation.

Find your signature piece

You can recognize Karl Lagerfeld's gloves and Ariana Grande's ponytail almost instantly. So, try to find your signature that people will be able to spot and connect to you instantly. This can be an accessory, a certain print or color or even a hairstyle. Once you find that one piece you want to be associated with, cherish it, but feel free to experiment with it and spice things up from time to time.

It's time for shopping!

Now that you know what to look for, it's time to hit the stores. Don't do this before you realize what you actually need to buy, otherwise, you're risking ending up right where you started—with a closet full of unnecessary things that aren't your style! Don't feel pressured to replenish your wardrobe right away. Try shopping for a few pieces every few weeks and soon you'll have a closet you love. Hit thrift stores as well, because they are often full of pieces you can't buy at retail stores which will make your look extra unique.

Research tailors

Most clothes are designed to fit the biggest number of people, so the piece that you like might not fit you perfectly (we are all different). So, if you feel like the fit is lacking, a good tailor or seamstress can make a few alterations to make your beloved piece suit you to the T. Most of the time, you'll pay very little for these touchups and end up with amazing results!

Finding your personal style is not only fun, but also very useful. You will know exactly what to reach for at the store and what to put on from your closet to look like million bucks!

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