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A Facial Unlike Any Other

I was over the moon to be chosen as one of the lucky Beauty Bulletin ladies to review the Chrysalis Global Facial. Especially since I have been really down in the dumps about the condition of my skin lately - it's been dry and feels really dull and unhappy. The fine lines have also being weighing on me.

I arrived at the Gallagher Convention Center for the Professional Beauty Expo and found my way (relatively easily) to the Chrysalis expo stand. The ladies greeted me and asked me if I was there for the treatment, to which I told them I was. They showed me to a seat and asked me to fill in the documentation and explained that they were nearly done with the previous client. Their service was definitely rated five stars and I was very impressed with how friendly they all were.

When the previous client was done, they called me over to the bed and a beautiful French lady introduced herself to me and requested that I lie down. She gently removed the makeup I had on, with cotton wool buds and a delicious smelling make-up remover. After the make-up was removed, she applied this even more delicious-smelling cream to my face and my neck area.

I wasn't really sure what to expect, I think they probably thought I had some background on the facial or knew something about the products, which I had no clue about (besides for what was in the BB email). I was so excited to experience the revolutionary, French innovative Starvac device!!

We weren't even 5 minutes into the facial and I was completely relaxed and ready to have a nap. The facial was so relaxing that I forgot I was in the middle of an expo centre with people constantly walking past to have a peak! 

The best way I can describe the feeling of the machine, is almost like a thick straw that "sucks" at your skin. That straw is actually a suction cup which looks like the image I've embedded below.

suction cups

The facial was split into three sections, and between each section, the glorious-smelling cream was applied. I've since looked and I see that it contains Argan oil (to regenerate skin cells), avocado oil (for moisturising and restructuring properties) and Royal Jelly (to stimulate the production of collagen as well as offering deep nourishment).

The first part of the facial felt like tiny, very gently sucks of the straw, which was dabbed from neck and up along my face in the more problematic areas.

The section part, I had to refrain from giggling because it felt like someone was giving me suction kisses all over my face and it was a little bit ticklish. This part was much more intense than the first part, but it was SO relaxing. The feeling, besides for making me want to giggle, made me feel really de-stressed and content with life.

Section three was more of a sliding of the suction cup around my neck and face.

Just when I was hoping to lie there forever, she rubbed the final layer of delicious-cream on my face and gave me a little facial massage and said we were done! It felt really quick, but apparently it was 25 minutes! I couldn't believe it was over already and I immediately decided that I need to get the details for this treatment before I left.

They handed me a mirror to have a look at the results, and I was expecting this make-up-less, scary face to be staring back at me, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was glowing radiantly! I was skeptical when they said that you would see instant results, but it really is true! My skin was definitely firmer, much more bright and it felt healthier than it's been in a long time.

She said that I could put my make-up back on after 5 minutes, but I've left it off because I don't want anything to taint the feeling of my gorgeous, soft and luminous skin.

Thank you Beauty Bulletin for allowing me to experience this fantastic new concept. I have a business card for a salon that is open in Hyde Park and I will definitely be willing to spend money on this in the future.

I absolutely endorse this as your facial of choice if you are also experiencing dryness and fine lines :)

This is the delicious-cream:










Much love,



facial device



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