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6 Beauty & Makeup Hacks for Busy New Moms

Being a new mom is the most exciting chapter in any woman's life, but it is by far the most stressful, too. Taking care of a newborn is a full time job. Between the sleepless nights and the diaper changes and the feeding schedule all the while your body is recovering from childbirth itself, many moms neglect their own well-being.

New age philosophy claims that you must take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Luckily, with these beauty hacks any new mom's confidence will go through the roof with minimal time and effort.

Rethink Your Skincare

There's no way your pre-baby skincare routine will work for you once the baby's here. Perhaps you loved to experiment with creams and facials or you used to religiously exfoliate twice a week; suddenly, there's no time for even a 15-minute sheet mask! It's time to adapt your routine.

Downsizing is key to saving time. Consider what your absolute musts are and stick to a couple of multitasking products. If you start switching up your skincare too much it might lead to breakouts, or even allergic reactions, which then take extra time and money to treat, so it's best to avoid them. 

Listen to Your Body

It's worth considering that your skin changes after childbirth. Hormonal changes in your body affect your skin. Such changes are very individual. Many women who used to have clear skin pre-baby start getting breakouts often; do your best to touch your face as little as possible and switch to gentler face washes and a lightweight foundation. Others get drier skin. In that case, get a more nourishing moisturizer and try overnight masks.

Either way, make sure you're eating properly and drinking enough water, especially if you're breastfeeding. It's also worth consulting your physician and trying some dietary supplements, but make sure they can't harm the baby. Fish oil is generally considered safe and beneficial.

Tricks for Effortless Hair

There are ways to work around those beloved blowouts at the hairdresser's. The best way to save time on your everyday hair routine is to get a low-maintenance haircut (the perfect time for a haircut would be just before the due date, so you have one less thing to worry about once the baby's here). Consult your hairdresser and choose either a short hairstyle or a choppy bob that you can air dry.

On those days that you're simply too tired to wash your hair, there are many alternatives. Dry shampoos can extend the time between two washes. There are numerous hairstyles that can hide the fact your hair is greasy. The simple pony tail is one, but the messy bun works like a charm, too, and it takes even less effort to make.

Quick and Easy Everyday Makeup

Although the best solution would be to stop wearing makeup altogether, irregular sleep leaves its marks. So if you're not ready to give up makeup, it's time to rethink your makeup routine and eliminate all the unecessary products. The first step is investing in a quality, which is full-coverage, lightweigh, long-lasting, and provides UV protection. This way, you can get rid of your primer, concealer, loose powder…

Once your skin is even and radiant, all other makeup is optional. If you choose to accentuate your eyes, a good waterproof mascara is more than enough. If you prefer to accentuate your lips, go for a longwearing nude shade (and a fancy pair of sunglasses).

Permanent Makeup as an Even Quicker and Easier Alternative

If you want to go a step further, it might be worth looking into permanent makeup. Treatments such as microblading cut time in the best possible way, as you don't have to reapply makeup for months, years even. Eyebrow styling takes lots of time and effort, so getting your brows microbladed before having your baby is a pratical way to look fabulous through the chaotic period.

If you're considering any kind of permament makeup, it's crucial to find an experienced and professional artist. Artists who went through microblading courses are some of the top rated technicians in the country. Other treatments such as lip blushing or eyelash extensions will save you time further.

Easy Date Night Makeup

For those special nights, it's enough to add a few more products to your everyday makeup routine. A smokey eye is always an easy solution and all you need is that one eyeshadow.

To further glam up your look, add a bolder lip in the color that best suits your skintone and the rest of your look. But whatever you do, never, ever go to bed without taking off your makeup.

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