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5 Things You Should Stop Doing Now to Preserve Your Beauty

5 Things You Should Stop Doing  Now to Preserve Your Beauty

Few things scare women more than ageing. I wonder why that is. Perhaps our definition of “beauty” needs to change; it’s too narrow to do us justice.

Having said that, everybody likes to look good and there is nothing wrong with it either. You don’t want dark patches, eyebags, or scars on your skin, especially when they are so avoidable.

But the road to beauty is a lot less complicated than it’s often made out to be. It certainly is long (or ongoing rather) and requires deep commitment on your part.

With the aim to make that road smoother for you, we are removing a few obstacles along the way. Here are some things you are probably doing which you should stop at once if you want to look effortlessly and naturally beautiful as you advance in life.

Stop obsessing over your skin

First things first. That which you pay kind and detailed attention to, tends to grow well. That which you ignore, withers away. However, obsessing over something is the best way to kill it (or just kill the joy in life in general). What is needed is kind attention.

Don’t smother your skin with all kinds of anti-ageing products in a desperate bid to stem a perfectly natural and inevitable process (ageing).

Instead, develop a kinder routine for your skin. A little care given daily will work better in the long run than irregular spa appointments or over-the-top indulgence in expensive creams and cosmetics.

Exfoliate regularly, moisturize as much as needed, and invest in a good retinoid cream. Apply it every night for an hour or two and then wash your face clean before going to bed. Snap up a few freebies before you buy full beauty products as they are often expensive.

Stop ignoring the power of green

Fruits are awesome. Not only do they give you instant energy, they are also wonderful for your overall system. Your body loves them and so does your skin. Eat a plate full of fruit salad every day, preferably around 5 pm. Trade your evening coffee/tea for something even more energising! Melons, grapes, and pomegranates work wonderfully for me. But you really can’t go wrong with fruits, I feel, so go with whatever is in season and is as per your taste. Chilled fruit tastes divine.

Vegetables are awesome too. If you are not consuming them daily with your main meals, make it a point to drink a glass of green juice every day.

You can scout for any number of recipes to make this happen. Use in-season fruits and vegetables and consume them fresh. Season with herbs, not added salt or sugar, and forget about prepackaged juices entirely. Speaking of which:

Stop eating packaged food

I should have just said stop eating junk, period. Whether made at home or purchased from outside.

The tradeoff for this short-lived pleasure of divine taste is fat sitting on your hips and waist for decades altogether (some of us are never able to get rid of it) and a lacklustre skin, dull and nothing special.

Go through the short-term inconvenience of cooking your own meals from scratch with fresh and local ingredients every single day. Your body doesn’t care if it’s Monday, Saturday, or Sunday. It needs its nutrition (to carry out all its tasks) every day. By not giving it what it needs you are harming its capability to look after itself. This harm will be visible in all areas of your health, your skin being only one of them.

Stop scrimping on your sleep

As you age you realize the real value of sleep. Few things will be able to bring to your face the glow you so cherish other than a night full of deep and restful sleep.

Insomniac nights have to be made a thing of past. They are alright in your 20s, and you may even get away with them in your early 30s, but you really don’t want to make them a habit just because you think you are getting away with them.

The body’s repair work happens in the night. It’s the time when cell regeneration, responsible for keeping our skin looking fresh and new, happens. You interrupt this process when you stay away. As a result you not only suffer from a horrible day afterwards but also sabotage your own beauty and fitness efforts.

Give yourself the permission to sleep to your heart’s content. If you’re a chronic insomniac, set the intention to be able to sleep well. Create a nice ambience in your bedroom, tune out useless thoughts, close your eyes, breathe deeply, let go of all that’s on your mind and just give in to rest. You’ll be fast asleep before you realize.

Stop worrying over ANYTHING

They say don’t sweat the small stuff. I say don’t sweat anything, unless you’re working out in a gym!

It’s only towards much later in one’s life that one realizes there is nothing worth losing one’s sleep over or worrying oneself sick over.

For the vast majority of our lives we carry some or the other sort of grief with us. If not that then anger, resentment, envy, unexpressed/unresolved feelings of some kind.

It keeps on gnawing away at us, sucking our energy, and sagging our spirits.

A colourless life is the greatest killer of beauty.

If there is anything you can do today to improve your chances of radiating beautifully from within, quit worrying. Do what is within your control and then let it be. Fretting won’t give you anything other than a dull face or premature wrinkles.


Doesn’t matter how much you have ignored yourself up until now. The good news is that the human body is very forgiving – though it also has its limits. If you still have a few decades ahead of you, chances are you can turn your looks around very well.

Younger women, please remember that bad habits are not cool. And they are anathema to natural and everlasting beauty.

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