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5 Skincare Rules You Should Live by

The beauty industry has become very influential, and each year brands come out with their lines of products for skincare. Face masks and creams, eye creams, peelings, exfoliators, you name it. With so many different products, you can feel a bit overwhelmed and not know what to use. So here are some skincare rules you should always apply no matter what products you are using.

Use products for your skin type

It is very important to use the skincare for your skin type. You can have dry, oily or combined skin, and depending on that, you should choose the products. Some simple tricks to determine your skin type are to look at it when you step out of the shower. If you feel tightness and tingling, then you probably have dry skin. If your skin becomes oily after half an hour, you have oily skin, and if your skin stays pretty much the same, then congratulations because you have combined skin. Many women make the mistake of thinking that oily skin doesn't need hydration, so be extra careful about this, because you have to use a face cream. If you have trouble determining your skin type, then simply go to a dermatologist or cosmetologist and they will tell you.

There is such a thing as using too many products

Believe it or not, we can sometimes exaggerate with skincare and use much more than we actually need. Our skin can get clogged or simply tired of all the products and not be able to breathe. The biggest mistake with this is using products that are not compatible with each other. Some common ingredients you shouldn't apply together are retinol and vitamin C because they work in different pH environments. Another tip is not to use alpha and beta hydroxy acids with retinol, because those ingredients combined can cause redness, irritation, and dryness of the skin. However, you can always ask your dermatologist what is best to use and when.

Do a full-face treatment once in a while

Your daily routine is something that you do every morning and night at home. In addition to this, you should, at least once a month, have a deep cleanse or face treatment at the dermatologists' office. They will do a simple hygienic treatment leaving your skin clean on the surface; a deep cleanse, meaning extraction of blackheads and clearing out your pores, followed by a face massage and a hydrating mask for your skin type. After it, your skin will look fresh and radiant. No matter where you are, at home, or traveling, this is something you should include in your skincare routine. Whether it's an aesthetic clinic in Dubai, Perth, or LA, the important thing is not to skip it. Even more so, when traveling, it can leave your skin fresh without any jet lag signs on it.

Take care of your health and your skin will thank you

There is research that says that skin and nerve cells come from the same place in the womb. That is why some scientists blame stress for any problem with the skin. Whether this is the truth or not, it is a fact that you should take care of your health which will make your skin look beautiful. Like any other organ, our skin too depends on vitamins, oils, hormones, etc. When you drink enough water, have normal sleep rhythm, and eat healthy, you will notice that after a while, your skin will clear out, and even look younger. Besides, all of this has benefits on your overall health, so make this a mandatory routine.

Never go to sleep with makeup on

This sounds very obvious, right? But how many times have we felt so tired after work, or a night out, and just wanted to go to bed without taking off our makeup? Well, don't let that happen, ever! All the makeup that stays on your face, dirt, and oils from your skin will mix and create a layer. This is how your pores get clogged resulting in acne, zits, and problematic skin. So, no matter how tired you are, always clean your skin first. If you don't feel like doing your full routine, then just wipe it off with micellar water or any other makeup remover, and put on face cream.

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