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5 reasons why you should Exercise

5 reasons why you should Exercise

Hey my lovelies,

Phew! Just took the most amazing shower (I say this everytime I shower) and I'm now enjoying the rest of my evening whilst sipping my beloved green tea. An hour ago, my heart was beating rapidly and my face was red & dripping in sweat. No wonder the shower felt so good! I was washing away the hard earned sweat and my shower was like my victory treatment. Right now, my face is still a little red from the vigorous exercise.

I have finally decided to take proper care of my body again by exercising. What motivated me? Serveral reasons. I was sick of feeling tired all the time, I kept getting sick from my low immune system and I just knew my body wasn't in good shape. Don't get me wrong! I'm happy with my size and weight. I don't feel the need to be any slimmer. I just knew it can't be good for my health to sit on my butt 10 hours a day staring at computer screen everyday. I was always out of energy and I thought it was to do with age but then I felt stupid when I realised, this isn't about me getting older! I'm just lazier!!!

Very often, I get asked the following questions:

"how can I lose weight quickly?"
"how can I stay fit without exercising? I wish I was slim!"
I was obsessed with these questions back then too until I realised that wishing gets you NOWHERE. These days, we are so spoilt by choice. You can order food straight to your door. You can do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered for next day. Mcdonalds even has 24 hour delivery service (which I used and abused in the past but let's talk about the future lol). Everything is designed for convenience.

It's not a surprise that people are now always looking for alternative methods that will give instant and QUICK results. Their excuses? I don't have time to exercise. Yes, some supplements CAN help you lose weight. What happens afterwards though? Are you going to rely on supplements? Yes, some supplements have 100% natural ingredients. This doesn't mean it's safe for everybody. Obviously whether or not you take supplements is up to you. For me, I'm looking for long term benefits that will benefit my body, health and spirit. I want to earn it.

Not good enough of a reason to motivate you to excercise? Here are 5 more reasons that can help you change your mind.

5 reasons why you should exercise

Exercise makes you HAPPY!
I can't believe how much happier I am these days thanks to exercising. Stress is the biggest joy killer and like a lot of people, I am a victim of stress. Endorphins are what makes people love exercise. I feel so much more relaxed and uplifted these days. I can't speak for other people but when I run on the treadmill, all I think about is running and nothing else (another reason why I love it). Anytime I feel troubled, I go straight to the treadmill and blast kpop. It's a proven fact that people who exercise are generally happier and suffer less stress.

Exercise gives you GOOD SKIN
Everybody knows that stress causes breakouts (thanks a lot hormones). Like we mentioned earlier, exercising helps to relieve stress hence minimizing the outcome of pimples. Exercise promotes blood flow which nourishes the skin and boosts more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells to help collagen production. All the sweat helps to clear the pores too. Just remember to clean your face properly (and body of course) after exercise. The improved blood circulation is wonderful for dark circles too (I'm sold from this point alone). You don't realise this but when you work out, you tend to drink more water which helps to hydrate and nourish the body and skin. It's true! I down 2 bottles of water in a flash without realising.

Exercise gives you a HAPPY BODY!
Most people exercise to look great but exercise also makes you FEEL great. It benefits every single part of your body. It helps to lower the risk of diseases and can improve your immune system too. I feel so much more energetic too. You can't get this from pills.

Exercise helps you SLEEP better
Because exercise raises the body temperature and relaxes us, it helps us sleep better. I have always had trouble sleeping and usually it takes me at least an hour to drift off but these days, I fall asleep within 30 minutes. Totally conked out. Yey for beauty sleep!

Excerise gives you Confidence
Exercise boosts confidence. It makes you feel great about yourself and when you feel great, you'll be a better person and perform better in whatever you're doing. It's a mixture of factors. Your physical health improves, you will feel a sense of acheivement, you'll experience an enhanced appearance and positive well being.

What's stopping you?

"I don't have time" . Do you not even have 30 minutes? 15 minutes? You'd be surprised with the time we use to surf the Internet. I have learnt to prioritise my well being over work. The investment of time is well worth it. In fact, I work better and perform better now.

"I have no money to join a gym or a club". Running is free. Jogging is free. A brisk walk is free. Dancing like a lunatic in your bedroom is free. Ask a buddy to join you to make it more fun if you like. I like to exercise alone because I'm distracted easily lol.

"I'm too embarassed/self conscious about people watching". I used to drive pass people of all ages and sizes jogging in the streets and I always wished I could be one of those. I'm so proud of them. Besides, who cares? Why should you care so much on what others will think? They're probably just strangers. When I work out, I wear the most awful headband and I always end up with damp patches beneath my armpits. It's cool. No worries.

It's time to stop wishing today and start being active

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