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4 Simple Solutions For Bad Hair Days

4 Simple Solutions For Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days are real and frustrating! Hair that simply will not behave can ruin your whole day. Here are a few tips to help you overcome the bad hair day monster –


1.       Bobby Pins –these little pins have been a life saver for many girls and women over the years. When your hair will just not simply stay down when you tie it up into a bun, bobby pins will whip your hair into shape and keep it down.  



2.       Head Scarf – covering your hair up with a scarf does not have to mean that you look like an old lady. There are some fantastic head scarves available in various colours and textures. Wearing them as you would an alice band and not a Doekie as your granny might will make you look more fashionable.




3.       Wigs – Wigs can instantly give you good hair days…assuming it is a very good quality wig to begin with. You can quickly put it on and walk out the door.


4.       Bun it Up – If all else fails, a top knot bun can be a life saver. You can make it a sleek bun for the office, or a looser ’’just outa bed’’ bun for a night out. Styling gels will help you smooth your hair into a bun easily.



Prevention is Better than cure?:

In order to try and avoid bad hair days to begin with, why not try an intensive hair treatment such as a hair mask once a week or so. A hair mask can do for your hair what a facial can do for your skin.


The Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Mask will give your hair the treatment it needs to be stronger and gives it inner strength for it to be resilient to future damage. It also does well with smoothing out split ends and preventing them in the future.

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