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2015 Top 5 Beauty Products

2015 Top 5 Beauty Products


Top 5 Beauty Products

It’s a New Year 2015 new me, here are a few of Top Beauty products which are old and new which I just can’t live without. Tried, tested and must-have beauty bag essentials.

So to start off my Top 5

1. Smashbox – Photo finish Primer (Hydrating)


It has totally changed my outlook on primers. I can’t go without wearing it if I’m wearing a full face of Foundation; it makes such a major difference in the lasting effect of your foundation.  It is a great addition to any make up this summer especially with the long day and hot days; you need that extra bit of help.  Bonus is it Hydrates and minimizes the size of pores and it’s Oil Free.

2. Elizabeth Arden 8Hour Protectant


This has to be my ultimate favourite product of all time I’ve ever found and used, it is my go to product for everything a must-have travel essential. I use for everything from my cracked lips, scratches, burns and super bad sunburn and to use as a brow setting for fresh new styled brows.

3. L’Oreal Pure Red Matte Lipstick- JLO


I’m not a red lipstick kinda girl I’ve always been abit nervous to wear them, but the new L’Oreal Matte range is amazing. And I have fallen in love with the JLO red, it deep but not dark red it is in the middle of both light and dark. Gives you that red matte sultry look, application is so easy and smooth and the colour last. And they come with matching nail polish so cute if want to match your nails to your lips in a subtle way.

4. Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Smoothing Cleanser


A great a cleanser I love using it, much different in texture as it is thicker and you don’t have to use a lot to get the feel on your skin. A great range from Elizabeth Arden it really does make my skin like its illuminating, it’s filled with tiny beads to gentle remove dead skin, makes skin feeling clean and glowing from the inside out.

5. Wet nWild Ultimate brow styling kit


Always in my bag super cute and compact with a brush, mini tweezers and mirror included great handbag essential for those ladies who want full eyebrows like me. This was my first makeup product from the WetnWild collection is SA to try and I was really impressed with the last effect and quality of the product. It is a great affordable product and comes with two shades of Brown.


And that rounds up my Top5 beauty products to start my 2015, it’s really hard to have only picked five because I really have so many favourites I like to use. Why I chose these products are because they are perfect for the summer weather and what is totally on trend on the beauty market, I mean who doesn’t love full and defined brows or a great red matte lip.




My Top 5 Beauty Products for 2015!
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