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2013 Winter Hair Trends

2013 Winter Hair Trends

Winter is upon us. Winter is a great time to change your hairstyle, as you would have to change your hair care routine to suit the dry air and cold weather. These trends range from drastic haircuts, colour and some easy hairstyles.

Red Hair

From fiery ginger to warm auburns, red hair is going to be hot this winter. For best results, book an appointment with a colourist as dying your hair red is tricky. It also fades faster than other colours, so be sure to buy shampoo and conditioner that is specifically suited to red hair. This way your colour will last much longer.

Purple Hair

During the summer brightly coloured hair was a big hit, and the colour purple will take this trend right into winter. If you decide to go the permanent route, it’s best if you go to a professional, but if it’s out of your budget you can also do-it-yourself with box dyes such as Manic Panic. If you’re unable to permanently dye your hair purple, you can get a similar look with hair chalk, which washes out after a few washes. This is great for women who are unable to dye their hair bright colours due to restrictions at work.

Low buns

During the summer we saw the top knot trend, but now that the temperature’s dropped so should your bun. Keep it loose and messy for a casual look. This look can also be worn with a hat on chillier days.

A full fringe

If you’re aching for a high cut but an unwilling to let go of your long locks, get a fringe as it will instantly refresh your hairstyle. Yes fringes look amazing, but just remember they tend to be high maintenance so do not get on if you do not have the time to style it every day.

Big Hair

Get out your hairspray and teasing comb because big hair is going to be big. Big hair doesn't have to be tacky as celebs such as Adele and Lana del Rey have made big hair classy and stylish. Just don’t tease your hair too often as it is damaging and can lead to breakage.


With this hair trends you will be on point this winter.

Clinique Event, 13 June 2013
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