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Have you found your Makeup Revolution?

Have you found your Makeup Revolution?

​When I started wearing makeup Essence and Wet n Wild were my 'starter' brands because they were so cost effective. What I didn't know then is that they are genuinely great makeup brands, they can make you feel beautiful and flawless and 16 years later I would still be in love with them. 

Over time, when I started working and experimenting with makeup and brands, Rimmel became my option of choice for foundation, Essence for their powder and blush, Revlon for lipstick, Maybeline for Mascara and Wet n Wild for their liquid eyeliner. But it wasn't long before Makeup Revolution soon became my go-to-brand for larger eyeshadow palettes. You get a lot of 'bang for your buck'. I can confidently say I know why the brand is called Makeup Revolution. Because it is one. The formula is priceless and you feel like you are wearing high end brands with how pigmented their range of shades are and their application. I mean can we just mention how easy they are to apply whether you are using a brush or your finger the colour is there. It doesn't stay on your finger and with how easy they are to blend, in minutes you look like you trained as a MUA. 

My love of colour has always been there. It is because of these brands I was able to experiment and develop a skill. When I started being bold and confident with my eyeshadow to leave my bedroom and show the world. This was my Makeup Revolution.

To be Who I Am. No excuses. What was yours?

Wet n Wild photo focus foundation
Cheap Make-up Dupes

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