Is the BRAND NEW Avon Far Away Splendoria luxury for less?

If you are a scent-obsessed connoisseur who only buys premium fragrances, then this is a project you HAVE TO follow! #ChooseAvonFarawaySplendoria

Avon Far Away Splendoria 

The number one fragrance brand in the world* Avon, has just launched the latest addition to their Far Away Fragrance collection, Avon Far Away Splendoria. 

With an alchemy of unique ingredients blended to create the world’s 1’st white oud accord**, this perfume is a one-of-a-kind scent exclusive to Avon. The only difference between Avon and luxury brands? Irresistible value.

The hypnotic fragrance is inspired by the glamorous Middle East and is blended with the tantalising fruitiness of black splendor plums, a mesmerising Middle Eastern white floral bouquet of fresh gardenias and notes of creamy indulgent vanilla. 

The scent is delicately crafted by a talented trio of renowned perfumers, and promises to transcend you to the land of luxury so you can leave a touch of gold, wherever you go. 

Meet the Luxe Fragrance Lovers 

In a UK blind test 9 out of 10 people*** #ChooseAvonFarAwaySplendoria when compared to a more expensive, luxury fragrance. 

We have recruited 150 local luxe fragrance lovers who have a passion for premium scents to put Far Away Splendoria to the test. They will be trialing the parfum to see if it really is irresistible luxury for less.

Will they #ChooseAvonFarAwaySplendoria? Follow the conversation to find out!

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*Avon sells the most fragrances in the world. As measured by volume or units sold in 2020. 

**Unique ingredients blended to create a one-of-a-kind scent, exclusive to Avon.

**Based on a blind sniff test with 211 participants (UK, 2022).  

Avon Far Away Splendoria

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