Dedicated to giving women a way to have beautiful, unforgettable eyes, ARDELL have become the world's leading brand in faux eyelashes. This goal began in 1971 when ARDELL was founded by Arnold Miller and his wife, Sydell Miller. The name ARDELL, in fact, comes from combining their first names.


With the introduction of their first line of individual faux lashes, ARDELL Duralashes, the faux eyelash business grew with great success. Since then, ARDELL strip lashes and individual lashes were put on the shelves of thousands of retail as well as professional stores. The brand has never looked back.    


In 1980, ARDELL was purchased by American International Industries. It was built into the world's largest selection of easy-to-use, premium quality faux eyelashes, brow cosmetics and accessories. Thus, ARDELL offers the complete look for creating the look of alluring eyes.


However, the company is much more than just eyelashes. The brand understands that women want the sexier, prettier look of natural, thicker, longer lashes. Women feel the need to feel comfortable with faux eyelashes, which is what ARDELL have taken into consideration with their product. With ARDELL lashes, there's a unique comfort and ease in wearing them as they are ultra light, easy to apply and easy to remove. The brand have also created an innovative adhesive that guarantees lash security while protecting your own lashes and eyes at the same time.


ARDELL offers several lash styles to fit the consumer's mood, personality and lifestyle. This must-have accessory has become the preferred beauty enhancer for millions of women when they want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that's alluring and the ultimate in beauty.


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Anesi is an international skin and body care range that was originated in Madrid, Spain. Owned by Dalize Hayenga, the brand has grown and improved itself for the last 17 years launching new products such as Stem C3, a selling success, and most recently Aqua Vital with Polarized 3D water and Celldetox.


Anesi has been known to incorporate the best of the latest technological active ingredients with classic and effective natural principles. The brand believes that technology can be incorporated with wellness protocols. The result is a high level cosmetic with reasonable prices, which is very important in today’s day and age. With a highly competitive professional skin care industry, comes a demand for high standard professional products. Quality and price are key elements.


Anesi is a reassuring brand. They are consistent with regards to professionalism, in-house training, and excellent service. They strive to keep costs down and quality up. This philosophy has proven that they do not add percentages for training and marketing on the landed cost of their products. Instead they absorb the costs- enabling salons, spas and ultimately the consumer excellent value for money.


As an ever developing company with new and exciting projects to elevate in the future, Anesi are positive about their brands success in giving professional and effective skin care treatments with amazing results.


Available at selected skin care salons. View all the Anesi product reviews here.


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Africology has become one of the most sought after spa brands, known for its unsurpassed service excellence and high-standard product formulations. The brand was established and founded in South Africa in 2000 by holistic therapist and metaphysical healer, Renchia Droganis. The vision of the brand was to create biodegradable natural products with South African essential oils and plants to revitalize the skin and to prevent damage done to the skin by free-radicals, stress and the harsh African climate.


Africology makes use of the healing essences of some of South Africa’s indigenous plants to help repair and assist with the restoration of damaged skin tissue. While the ageing process is inevitable, the process can be slowed down. With the active ingredients present in Africology’s premium skin care range, it has been proven that you can never be too young to start the preventative process of ageing. Africology believes that a positive inner personal world creates an ageless being with unlimited potential, releasing physical energies which bring about a beautiful reality. They believe that a safe, harmonious world starts with the consciousness of one person. Ultimately, they believe that their skin care range has the ability to develop people, optimise their potential and give them the opportunity to live their lives fully.


With their passion for the healing essence of plant life and the restorative power of essential oils, Africology blends this insight with their respect for the wisdom of traditional healers aiming to share this over-arching wisdom with everyone. Made from 100% natural essential oils, natural plant extracts and eco-friendly resources, Africology is not only kind to you, but to the world.  


Available at selected skincare salons and spas.

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