A product playoff between Tub and Kit relaxers

relaxed hair treatment

It’s been eight weeks since your last salon visit and you’re sporting that telltale ‘fro at the roots / sleek strands at the tip’ look.

Does this hairy horror story have a happy ending?
It all depends whether you opt for an affordable tub relaxer, or a more expensive and technically advanced kit relaxer.
We put both to the test and came up with a list of criteria to help inform your choice...

Two types of hair relaxers are currently available: lye relaxer which contains sodium hydroxide; and non-lye relaxer.
The chemical lye mix produces a higher pH level and is generally pre-mixed; while no-lye relaxers contain an activator ingredient that has to be mixed prior to application.

Straightening capabilities: Lye-based tub relaxers can be washed completely off each individual hair strand allowing more moisture absorption and consequently a wavier finish.
Moisturising capabilities: When using a tub relaxer, each disulphide bond within each strand does not break, so it’s able to absorb moisture better than a kit relaxer. Scalp burn is common with tub relaxers so it’s best to protect the scalp with a petroleum base.
How long does your tub last? The active ingredients in large tub relaxers may lose their strength over time, particularly if they’ve been sitting on the bathroom shelf for too long...
Scent: Tub relaxers are often highly perfumed or pungent if enriched with fat protein.
Time: The pre-mixed chemical nature of the tub means that your hair will straighten much quicker than kit relaxers.
Price: These relaxers are generally priced from R20 for 250ml.
Product to try: Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Relaxer (R29.95, Dis- Chem)

Dark-lovely-Fat-Protein-ShampooDark-Lovely-Relaxer Fat Protein









Straightening capabilities: Kit relaxers generally produce straighter hair than tub relaxers.
Moisturising capabilities: No-lye kit relaxers are not as harsh on the scalp, but they can be tougher on hair and lead to dull, damaged tresses.
How long does your kit last? Ideal for one application only.
Scent: The active ingredients in this type of relaxer tend to have a strong chemical smell.
Time: Kit relaxers take longer to straighten hair than tub relaxers.
Price: These generally start at around R65 per kit.
Product to try: ORS Olive Oil built in protection new growth no-lye hair relaxer (R79.95, Clicks)

ORS Olive Oil built in protection


What’s your best way to relax BB’s? Are you a tub or kit-lover? Let us know in the comment box below…

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