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How to Make your Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

Before you escape to the Northern Hemisphere for some summer lovin', spare a thought for us braving the cold here in SA- and don't even think about leaving home without getting your temp tats on!

You've no doubt heard about these sophisticated stick-on embellishments or seen them on every celeb, shmodel and it-girl. No ladies, I'm not talking about the cartoon varieties you'll find in your cereal box or bubblegum wrapper. The new temporary tattoos are all grown up, and slick, sexy and jewellery inspired. 

The ideal beachside accessory, there's no chance of one of these slipping off as you splash around in the Med. Metallic designs are a useful way to add a little sparkle to pasty winter skin for special occassions or a big night out. Layer them discreetly like Beyonce; make like Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens at a music festival and apply them liberally; or rock the body art look spotted at Tommy Hilfiger's most recent runway show (smile and wave Kendall Jenner!) With an approximate lifespan of three to six days, temp tats are low commitment enough to allow you to experiment. 

Shine-Ink offers an array of jewellery inspired designs - think stick-on body chains, rings, bracelets and necklaces - retailing at around R250 for four sheets, while SkinBling and MetaTatt start at R80. 

We asked Gabbi De Brito, founder of SkinBling to give us some no-fail pointers on getting the most out of your tat:

   - Always avoid applying sunscreen (sorry mom!), lotions or oils after application

   - Once you've placed your tattoo and removed the backing paper, dry the area with a soft, dry cloth and be careful not to stretch or manipulate the skin

   - Location is important and areas that experience the least amount of movement or friction tend to last longer

   - Opt for fuzz free areas as hair could affect the tat's ability to adhere to the skin

   - Exfoliate before hand - a smoother surface yeilds better results


Are you a fan of the trend towards the temp tat? Share your pics or let us know in the comment box below...



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