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How To Stop Making Seven Common Beauty Blunders

Most of our beauty faux pas extend beyond ignoring the best before date on that organic cleanser, or applying concealer incorrectly. Most of our beauty blunders include the following everyday mistakes that most of us can ‘fess up to having made at some point…

Faux pas (pronounced: fō ˈpä/) is a French phrase literally meaning ‘to take a false step’. It commonly used to identify a mistake of blunder.

BEAUTY BLOOPER #1: Applying acetone to drying nail polish.
The idea is that the liquid will remove any lumps and smooth the mixture. Acetone will in fact separate the liquid and damage the nail polish.

THE FIX: Ensure that your nail polish is always well sealed after use and kept in a cool, dry place. A well-sealed bottle will prevent air from drying out your polish in between uses. Remove any residue from the mouth of the bottle before closing it by using Cutex Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover (R15.95, pharmacies).

BEAUTY BLOOPER #2: Skipping out on topcoat.
Not only will this result in a dull finish, nails will also be more susceptible to cracking and chipping.

THE FIX: Apply a quick-drying topcoat that speeds up the time it takes for your manicure to set. Sally Hansen Double Duty (R80, pharmacies) doubles as both a base and topcoat - so you get more bang for your buck too.

BEAUTY BLOOPER #3: Wearing waterproof mascara everyday.
Waterproof mascara dries your eyelashes and the harmful chemicals within the mascara could result in future hair loss or hair thinning (not to mention the rubbing technique it takes to remove the stuff!).

THE FIX: Opt for a lightweight mascara on days that you do not require a waterproof finish. BioNike Defence Colour Volume Mascara False Lash Effect (R140, Dis-Chem) is ideal for women with sensitive eyes and irritable skin and achieves long lashes with its innovative brush and dark pigments.

BEAUTY BLOOPER #4: Vigorously towel-drying hair.
Tousling your tresses can break delicate hair strands and damage the hair follicle by roughing-up the cuticle and making hair appear frizzy and susceptible to further breakage.

THE FIX: Use an old soft cotton T-shirt to remove excess moisture from your hair. Apply a serum or leave-in conditioner, like Wella Professional Elements Leave-in Conditioning Spray (R252, pharmacies) to protect hair from day-to-day stress and renew lost moisture.

BEAUTY BLOOPER #5: Using silicone and sulfate-based hair products.

Silicone can ‘fake’ the appearance of shine by coating the hair shaft and inhibiting the absorption of moisture and nutrients, whilst sulfate could lead to scalp irritation or allergies.

THE FIX: Opt for an oil-based shampoo like African Organics Baobab Shampoo (R49.95, Dis-Chem) to nourishes hair and scalp, and give your locks a genuine healthy shine.

BEAUTY BLOOPER #6: Neglecting your neck.
The skin on our necks is exposed to the same elements that age our faces, and therefore requires the same level of care and attention we give to our faces, particularly when it comes to cleansing and applying anti-aging products.

THE FIX: Use an anti-aging enriched cleanser like Oh So Heavenly Nourishing Facial Cleanser (R54.95, pharmacies) to cleanse face and neck areas twice a day.

BEAUTY BLOOPER #7: Not regularly cleaning your makeup brushes (GUILTY!).

Not only is dirt build up an issue, but spreading this dirt across your face can result in acne, breakouts or irritations.

THE FIX: MAC Brush Cleaner (R195, MAC) cleans, disinfects and conditions of the fibers of your brushes to extend the life of each brush and save your skin from unnecessary breakouts.

Are you guilty of these beauty faux-pas BB’s? Let us know in the comment box below..

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