Lori hairI suffer with very fine, thin flat hair. At the age of 3 was the first time I started growing hair. Genetically I think I inherited this from my father. No matter what products I use nothing seems to work long term.

Whatever hair trends I try to create, I can’t as my ponytail looks so thin, just like a rat’s tail. I immediately put my hair into a small bun /knot and laugh that I even tried. “WHAT WAS I THINKING? I don’t have Kim K’s hair! So stop trying!” This is my hair story.

My thin hair makes me feel exposed, uncomfortable and vulnerable.
I don’t suffer from alopecia (hair loss), nor do I have a receding hair line. Colouring and highlighting my hair has been my crutch, giving confidence as it creates a somewhat  fuller look, however  over time my hair has become more porous, thinner and damaged.
So now after primarily being a mom of two and secondly a working woman, it is time to take action and put myself and my hair concerns first.
Being the founder of the largest SA online beauty community I feel it’s time to open up by sharing my hair journey that I feel might be a turning point.

I was introduced to Dr. Ryan Jankelowitz and Dr. Larry Gershowitz from Medical Hair Restoration practice ( They mentioned a new non-surgical, cutting edge treatment for hair stimulation that they had experienced success with. It is called the FR-8 Treatment. It immediately tickled my fancy as a procedure I had to try. In beauty terms it’s kind of like the Vampire facial for your hair. I am going to take you through this experience and the results which are expected after 6 months.

IMG 4019IMG 3930


This procedure is quick (1h30min) and painless for me.

When I arrived at the practice, I went straight into the theatre room and lay on the bed where great music was playing on the radio. It was a very calm and comfortable environment. I did not have to do anything except relax and listen to Dr Ryan Jankelowitz taking me through the procedure.

At the beginning 120 millilitres of my blood was drawn from my arm into a syringe. It was just like giving blood.

IMG 4002

The blood was then put into a highly sophisticated centrifuge. This piece of equipment separates the protein-rich platelets from the other components in your blood.  Sounds very technical I know.

IMG 4011IMG 4020

While the centrifuge is separating the blood, the crown of my head was being anesthetised where Ryan was injecting targeted areas so I could not feel a thing.  This was the longest part of the whole procedure, making my head completely numb. To assist with not feeling the needle Ryan used a vibrating applicator to distract and trick my pain receptors.

This was a very euphoric feeling as you feel like you have lost your head completely.

IMG 3925IMG 4023

Once the platelets and stem cells had been separated from my blood, they were then re-injected straight into the crown of my head.

Please note this may be disturbing for sensitive viewers.
As you will see in the video below, once the blood had been re-injected into my head a Dermapen was used to pierce the skin to assist with the penetration. I could not feel a thing!

What I really liked about this treatment is that there was no down time. Once the procedure was finished, I immediately got up, put my hair back into a pony and left the practice. The only recovery was waiting for the sensation in my head to come back.

That night I took 2 Panados as my head was slightly tender and swollen but there was no pain. I was not allowed to wash my hair or do any exercise that day.


Today is the day after my treatment and my head feels slightly tender but definitely not sore. I managed to wash my hair and blow dry it. It looks and feels exactly the same as always.  There is absolutely no scaring or any redness.


Every month I will send an updated image of my hair results so follow my hair FR-8 journey. #MyMedHairJourney #ThinningHairSolutions

Stay tuned !

If you suffer with thin fine hair like me and thinking of having this treatment or have had it already please share your stories with me below.

At Medhair, they have researched the most effective ways to combat hair loss, and highly recommend the FR-8 Treatment. Their well-trained specialists assess each client individually and recommend the ideal way forward for you. Regardless of your unique situation, they have a solution to match your requirements.

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