skin care trends 2016There's a lot we're excited about and this is just some of it...

If there is one thing we are excited about when the New Year approaches, its uncovering new and exciting trends in beauty.

Strobing, baking, fuller brows and even fuller lips headlined beauty blogs in 2015 but this year, we are looking forward to minimalism where features are enhanced and not masked.

A big focus therefore is a holistic approach to skincare. From the basics of priming to applying your favourite foundation, all phases of your beauty routine will encourage a healthier relationship with your skin. First on our radar is…


Last year we saw a huge surge in the presence of foundations that carried beneficial skincare properties and we expect more to surface in 2016. If you enjoy the lightweight feel of a tinted moisturiser but crave liquid foundation-type coverage, you’ll love this trend. Try Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40 (R695 at leading retailers).

bobbi brown skin serum foundation 2016


Packed with beautifying botanical oils and anti-aging properties, face oils became increasingly popular in 2015 and will continue to gain popularity in 2016. From treatment oils to radiance-boosting elixirs we love the way they help skin remain hydrated and well nourished. When selecting yours ensure it’s fragrance-free and moisturises without leaving you greasy. Try Clinique Smart Treatment Oil (R695 at leading retailers).

clinique smart treatment oil


If you’ve never heard of the term “free radicals”, play close attention. They are left over bits of healthy cells “turned bad” as a result of trauma and the more we have, the faster our skin ages. Types are trauma include stress, a busy lifestyle, a poor diet, smoking, hormonal imbalance, UV penetration and pollution.

Most skincare products traditionally neutralize free radicals caused by UV penetration but recent studies have shown that pollution is also linked to inflammation, acne and wrinkles and now skin care brands have begun to take notice. Try Thalgo Anti-Pollution OCN Oxygen 3 Defense Fluid SPF15 (available at selected spas and salons). Read Thalgo skincare reviews here.

Thalgo Anti Pollution OCN Oxygen 3 Defense Fluid SPF15 2016


Not exactly new but facemasks were a big hit last year and in 2016 they have taken a new spin. Heavily influenced by Korean skincare (another trend that will gain momentum in 2016) sheet masks, glow masks and bubbly masks are all the rage. Sheet masks are especially unique because they are doused serum-based formula packed full of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. But remember, these won’t replace traditional masks so keep yours close by when you need to exfoliate or cleanse. Try Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask (R45 at Edgars and Red Square). Read Skin Republic reviews here.

skin republic 5544 69295 1 detail

Are there any trends not mentioned you are looking forward to exploring in 2016? Tell us in the comments below…

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