nails  FotorNails are one of the biggest beauty trends out there. Ladies are always showing off their beautiful nail art and flawless acrylics but no one talks about the damage you’re left with after the weeks and weeks of fills. Well here I go….

“I’m Jade Robertson and I am an acrylic with gel overlay junkie.” My Instagram account is filled with Insta snaps of my amazing nails. I’ve had months of fills and changes. I go from stiletto shaped to square shaped to almond shaped. At the moment my nails are bare, they’re thin, brittle and damaged. There’s not much one can do to help this but be patient and let them grow out.

I’m so tempted to just have them done again and just ignore the damage that’s hidden under the beauty of it all. This time I’ll be strong and stick it out for a healthier nail and cuticle.

So many women and men struggle with this problem. There are many causes, whether it be natural or from trying to keep up with the latest nail trends. Here are a few tips to help you and your nails heal:

  1. We all know this one but never like to stick it. AVOID gel polish and artificial nails at all costs. Some of us are weak and can’t stick to this rule. If you become weak and must have them, make sure you remove them within a week. If you wear them any longer your nails will become thinner and more prone to bending and breaking.
  2. Be sure not to use your nails as a tool. Picking things or opening things causes nails to tear. Use actual tools meant for whatever you’re trying to do.
  3. Never leave your nails naked. Don’t wear a colour but rather a strengthening base coat with hardening and healing properties. The Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener is quite good and has been known to end nail splitting, cracking and peeling. I don’t have this at home so I opted for TipTop Nail Chic nail booster base coat with honey and vitamin E and F. It’s nourishing, regenerating and promotes growth.
  4. Taking vitamins like Vital’s Hair, Skin & Nails to help your body along doesn’t hurt either. I’ve done this in the past and my nails have never been stronger. The problem with this is to remember to buy them once you run out.
  5. Keep your nails short to prevent tearing and chipping.

My nails are screaming: “Bring me back to life!" I dream of solid nails with naturally white tips and pink nail beds. I think the last time my nails were in that condition, I was in high school. Here’s to sticking to the rules.

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