Spring water is the best water.

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Are you up for a little lesson in history?

I have a closet penchant for reading up on Ancient Rome and its romantic stories of princesses whose beauty started wars, and seemingly permanently half-nakedgladiators fighting bravely. So when someone at the Uriage Ideal Skin launch told the tale of how when crossing the French Alps, Roman soldiers discovered a spring in which they bathed, they noticed that their wounds healed at a faster rate.

Unique in its exceptional properties, Uriage Thermal Water was born. Fast-forward 2000 or so years and it turns out dermatologists, spas and skincare brands are still benefitting from the it ingredient’s moisturising, soothing and protecting properties.

Today, you can treat skin ailments like psoriasis, dermatitis, scars, burns and acne - andit’s perfectly safe to use on children and babies too. If you are keen to give it a try but don’t exactly have the moola to jet off to France for some pampering at the Uriage Thermal Spa, simply head on over to Dis-Chem or Clicks where Uriage have a wide range of products, each enriched with Thermal Water expertly crafted to suit a particular skin condition and skin type.

I was impressed with Uriage Eau Thermale (R80 for 50ml). A pure thermal water ‘packaged at source, and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements’ to help ‘strengthen the skin barrier, preserve skin cells and prevent epidermal dehydration’. In other words, unlike everyday tap water or your favourite bottled water, a spritz of this a few times a day will get dehydrated, irritated skin glowing in no time.

I tote this Cosmetic water spray for post long-haul flight freshening-up or beachside spritzing, and now you can too.  Pop a can in your handbag for a quick fix on the move, or make like a Roman goddess and include an essential spritz as part of your daily beauty regime, between toning and applying serum or moisturiser.

BB’s, are you a cosmetic water spray devotee? Tell us more…

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