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  • About me

    I am bubbly, fun, hard working and love to play. I can't turn down the opportunity to go shopping. Especially if that shopping trip means I can but make up and shoes!
  • My Drink

    I love coffee to distraction!
  • Country

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My Description

  • Hair Colour

  • Skin Type

  • Skin Tone

  • Eye Colour

  • Makeup Style

    Whatever suits my mood at the time. I love the natural look as much as I love looking dramatic. That said I'm a sucker for a great lipstick and eyeliner
  • Favourite beauty product: I can't live without this product

    Justine's tissue oil
  • Favourite Beauty Product: I wouldn't die, but I would suffer greatly without this product

    Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream Skin Protect
  • Favourtie Beauty Product: Without this product, I'd have to start drinking at noon

    The Body Shop Hemp hand protector
  • My Beauty Secret

    Lots and lots of water for radiant skin, get lots of sleep, exercise to sweat out toxins and always exfoliate and moisturise!
  • My Routine

    Morning: cleanse, moisturise and apply make up.
    Evening: Cleanse, tone, remove eye make up, apply brightening serum, moisturise, apply eye cream
  • My Beauty Horror Story

    I once had a rather unfortunate run in with self tan which left me orange every where! And not a livable orange, a I'm-trying-to-impersonate-a-carrot orange!
  • My Celebrity Twin

    Helen Hunt or Leelee Sobieski
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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 14:40
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