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Mandym3691 Hey all, just joined after a long while back, hope to be testing new products again. Have a good weekend, stay safe Uncategorized (15:56)(15:56)
Anesu @teacher thomas Yes! It is available in most major retail stores and pharmarcies x Uncategorized (16:06)(16:06)
ayanda_cosmicbeautique Hey gorgeous people Uncategorized (22:50)(22:50)
MsLindie Hello beautiful ladies, I just joined this group and I am looking forward to all the conversations we will have Uncategorized (17:39)(17:39)
letia afternoon beauties,i just joined.looks interesting and hot in here. Uncategorized (15:39)(15:39)
Jadechallis Good morning ladies... It has been a while Uncategorized (12:48)(12:48)
kgao Hey guys... just wanted to share the amazing power of coconut oil fused with avocado oil. I had super damaged natural hair and I have seen huge improvement. You need to try it out Uncategorized (11:05)(11:05)
Krienkies Morning everyone - hope you are all doing fab on this blessed day! Uncategorized (08:53)(08:53)
Rockstar Good morning good people... Happy Friday to all... Didi... Cetaphil is KING!!!! the gentle cleansing lotion is great for sensitive and dry skin.!!! Makes your skin nice and soft, never gives you that tight, dry and stretched feeling... Also skin is not irritated like some foaming cleanser are guilty of. Anyone tried the L'oreal paris age perfect cleansing milk? Uncategorized (09:07)(09:07)
Krienkies Happy Friday y'all!!! Uncategorized (06:57)(06:57)
petuniaK #issaFriday Uncategorized (00:49)(00:49)
petuniaK Uncategorized (00:48)(00:48)
Busi_SK Just posted my Listerine review, please go check it out y'all Uncategorized (12:49)(12:49)
Mmathabo Motha Just published my #2weekswhiterteeth post on my blog Uncategorized (22:23)(22:23)
muneeba sounds awesome Uncategorized (15:11)(15:11)
Taracc22 Uncategorized (11:36)(11:36)
Taracc22 Hi guys I must say I'm really impressed with the Listerine Uncategorized (11:35)(11:35)
Minettefraser @Didi, thanx for info, needed help with same problem, great to hear of something that works. Will give it a try. Uncategorized (10:53)(10:53)
Teacher Thomas Hi BB's.... Is Listerine mouthwash in the shops already? I have stained teeth due to overdose of coffee's/Tea. I read the reviews regarding Listerine and it sounds like such an amazing products Uncategorized (08:49)(08:49)
Krienkies Hi all, sorry I have been MIA - super busy. Hope you are all keeping well! Uncategorized (21:38)(21:38)
RominaLodolo I think Listerine has saved my life #ILOVECOFFEE & #WHITETEETH!! Uncategorized (21:17)(21:17)
Kels Uncategorized (12:56)(12:56)
Lynni01 @didi thank you for sharing. I have the same problem with my skin and the product I'm currently using is not working. I will however try the cetaphil :) Uncategorized (00:04)(00:04)
Mmathabo Motha Trying the Listerine Advanced White, I'm addicted to brushing my teeth now. #2WeeksWhiterTeeth Uncategorized (21:17)(21:17)
PopsieZA That is great Didi, thank you for sharing Uncategorized (12:42)(12:42)
Didi mosiea Hi ladies... I just want to share something really amazing. I have really bad acne scaring and now it's almost completely gone in just over 2 months.. I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Lotion to wash my face twice a day, in the morning I use the Oil Control Moisturizer for acne prone skin( has SPF 30) and for night cream I use the Epiduo cream which was prescribed by my dermatologist (it's really inexpensive and can be found at pharmacies). This skin routine has really helped me especially because normal sunscreens cause a breakout due to their oily formula and I have oily, acne-prone skin.... I really hope this helps someone here Uncategorized (10:12)(10:12)
IAm_MissZee An App sounds great!!! Uncategorized (21:00)(21:00)
MaMvubuliscious omg im left out, i need to catch up. I agree BB should have an App to make life easy. Enjoy your weekend ladies. Uncategorized (13:02)(13:02)
stylewithmepretty Hey everybody hope you all well😗 Uncategorized (17:07)(17:07)
Krazy_Keletso Hey Ladies : Uncategorized (12:46)(12:46)
Minettefraser Just joined, hope to see new products, always trying out new things Uncategorized (14:34)(14:34)
Ameenah_h Have a lovely and blessed week ladies xxx Uncategorized (11:48)(11:48)
lailaseedat Hi guys. I have really bad dark circles, puffiness and fine wrinkles and I'm only 22! Its genetic, so it's really difficult to get rid off. However, I do believe there is something out there for me. Anybody with a similar issue and any suggestions? Uncategorized (02:20)(02:20)
laurenbooysen Has anyone tried the Claines Foundation (Teint Maquillage Fonds Multi-Régénérant SPF 15) Uncategorized (23:00)(23:00)
laurenbooysen Have a Wonderful weekend ladies😙 Uncategorized (22:57)(22:57)
RoxyStrydom Hope all you BB babes have a great Friday! Uncategorized (11:17)(11:17)
Curly Tisha Hey guys. I am new to the BB team and I am so excited to be part of such a vibrant and authentic group of ladies! Have an amazing day Uncategorized (11:08)(11:08)
holitania Hey Ladies❤ hope y'all have a great Friday👑🔥 Uncategorized (10:48)(10:48)
sithembi2 Hi beautiful people,hope youlook gorgeous this Friday morning. Uncategorized (07:24)(07:24)
Miss Naeema Hey beautiful ladies 🌸 I'm new to BB and can't wait to get started ❤️ Uncategorized (12:05)(12:05)
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Elvive Keritin Straight shampoo 72H
Love it! Smells amazing! The only problem is that my hair becomes greasy quickly.

rochkay commented on a review for L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss 9 hours 44 minutes ago

Wow, your hair is so long! My hair is also thick and long...and also still have virgin hair (age 30), but I need to colour due to greys (cannot hide...

Ms.sandyan added a video. 20 hours 26 minutes ago

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range Review
Watch me test and review the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range.... @beautybulletin #MeandLuxuriousVolume
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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range Review

Watch me test and review the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range.... @beautybulletin #MeandLuxuriousVolume #JohnFreidaSA follow me on instagram...

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