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MarcelleK Guys who else is obessed with the TRESemmè shine oil ???
Iddy_unique Hi ladies. Can someone please brief me on how this works? I'm clueless ?.
MRSK Morning
KellyAnneJoseph Hi Ladies. I agree with Althea. We should meet. That would be great fun!
Thuwy Hey beauties. Hope you are all having a blessed Sunday. ?
Altheadew Did anyone think of having an event where all of us could get together and meet one another. Having it all across South Africa? Or did I miss it??
Altheadew Good Morning ladies!!
Altheadew Who all applied for the foundation survey?
Shaazia Tasneem Buddy
Mokgadi86 Good Morning ladies
momotso morning ladies :)
Tamarara Hi ladies im new here
Preeya Hey guys
ZaShandu Hi beauties
Preeya I do i get started! Really interested
Lisa14! Hey guys, I've recently joined the BB fam and I'm so amped to get started.
PrettyByVino Hi lovelies. I'm new here? and I'm super excited to be part of this.!
Nefertiti Hey ladies, I’ve just joined the #reinventionofsmooth with tresemme, and would love to know how your reinvention of smooth journey is coming along!
Guest Hi Ladies the Tresemme live chat is happening right now here
mailachie Has anyone tried derma rollers to get rid of pigmentation? E.g the hey gorgeous one?
Your Naturelle Bae Tvtendv Hi ?
Preeya Hey everyone, my first time here
Theeraki Heyy! I'm new here ? I'm too excited
ntsezo So excited to have been picked to do my first review!
Krienkies Thanx BB ?
Ngoakoanecholo Just joined BB and i'm just browsing and checking it out . think im gonna love it .
BEAUTY BULLETIN Hi @Krienkies :) So sorry about the wait, we have had a lot of listing requests in our inbox lately but the team working through them as fast as we can xx
cully wanga
cully wanga helooo everyone
Karey88 Hello
Krienkies Hi BB, please help. I have about 40 product listings that I have requested to be loaded. I really want to review these, but my requests have not been processed for months now. It really hinders my activity on this platform. Can I send these to your whatsapp group instead?
Dienax Ladies, which products can i use for dark spots and blackheads?
Dienax Hi everyone i just joined the Beauty bulletin family. I'm so excited I can't wait to try out all the new products ????
tanaaaa What products can i use for dark spots? Not too pricey
CarryN I joined yesterday and I'm very excited to chat and try new products and tips form you guys and happy to share my views on products as well
AnnieJay Hello everyone. Just registered,I'm so happy to be part of the Beauty Bulletin squad
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Avon Night Cream Magic
I have completed phase 1 ( The first 7 nights) bye bye phyto thank you for replenishing my skin and preparing it for Super Retinol?? This product...

Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects
This product has exceeded my expectations. I can see and feel the difference in my skin. It has worked magic and at an affordable price.

marymarycontrary_ Invited 1 people to the site. 2 hours 49 minutes ago
Krienkies found helpful a review for Maybelline - FIT me, written by liezel 4 hours 26 minutes ago

Maybelline - FIT me
i love Revlon Photo Ready foundation and for the past 2 years its been the only foundation i have used. i love it because it gives me dewy look and...

Krienkies found helpful a review for Maybelline - FIT me, written by Shaheeda 4 hours 26 minutes ago

This foundation didn't really fit me at all. The colour selection isn't great for darker skin tones so I chose 320 Honey Beige which is about a...

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