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JustDeeanne Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Would love if you subscribed to my YouTube channel Sincerely Deeanne. I reviewed the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing Range x
ZaShandu hello beauties
Sabor Morning Ladies hope you all have a super day at work/school today
Melinda_Mofokeng Thanks for the advice Ladies and Thank you Rebecca for the advice
Minettefraser Thank you for taking time to answer. Loved it. Learnt alot. Have great day
kaylajacoby Have a wonderful week further everyone!
rukayah depends on the weather if its raining and no sun then u dont need sunscreen i guess so
rukayah thank you beautu bulletin and rebecca for all the advice and helpful feedback
A Daft Scots Lass @Nah-Oh-Mee ABSA LOOTLY YES! Even in the winter!
ZaShandu Thank you BB & Rebecca much appreciated
Sabor Have a super rest of the week Ladies ! Thanks Beautybulletin for bringing us this expert on Skincare
Nah_oh_mee one more......Do I really need to wear sunscreen every day?
Blahblahkelly Thanks for your expert advice, Rebecca. All the best!! x
cpeter01 Had such a great chat in the live chat today with Rebecca!
rukayah I've used lots of different Neutrogena products on and off over the years and now I feel inspired to try out some of the others
Sabor #ShineYourLightEveryday... #NeutrogenaSA
Dipakane Thank you Rebecca Bennet, Neutrogena, Beauty Bulletin and everybody #ShineYourLightEveryday
A Daft Scots Lass Enjoy the rest of the week, Beauties!
rukayah i am so well informed nw about the range i feel very confident to try the other products out nw
bex Thanks a mil! So insightful and helpful :D
Venessa sing Thank you so much as well to everyone who was part of the chat your questions also helped some of us. Thanks Rebecca and everyone who was part of this ❤️❤️ Thank you SO much for participating! I've also got problem skin and this chat taught me so much. Thank you to Rebecca and the Neutrogena team for taking time out to have this chat with us. Have a great day everybody!
rukayah Thanks for the Expert advice
cpeter01 Thank you!!
Nah_oh_mee THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering all of our questions your answers are really helpful! honestly
Guest Thanks alot
Sabor Thank you Rebecca.. do visit us again. Your advice and tips were amazing
rukayah thank you and goodbye
Guest Thanks so much Rebecca! Bye everyone
A Daft Scots Lass Thank you, Rebecca for your time and expertise.
Guest Bye ladies, thank you so much!
rukayah Great chat and educational all my questions was answered well
kaylajacoby bye, Rebecca thank you so much for your feedback. We've learned a lot.
testi_b Thank For today! it was really helpful!!!!
RebeccaBennett It's been so great speaking with you all - I have really enjoyed it! Some great questions and responses. Have a great day everyone and keep looking after your skin.......
A Daft Scots Lass Us 45+ need to embrace the face that our skin is not what it used to be..
rukayah Good bye Rebecca keep well thanks alot again
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Breaandrews has a new avatar. 23 minutes ago

Hey ladies, i only wish you guys one amazing week ahead! Enjoy it and may the weekend come soon!! ?

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