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Krienkies Hi everyone - hope you are all doing fab!!! Uncategorized (16:39)(16:39)
Dani_Cateley I hope everyone has a fabulous day! Uncategorized (12:33)(12:33)
Chermel24 I have a new video on my channel :) I hope you check it out (YT: Chermel Maharaj) Uncategorized (09:28)(09:28)
Chermel24 good morning loves! hope you had a fabulous valntine's day and evening.. remember every day is a reason to spread love and most importantly love yourself ... i have a new video on my Yout Uncategorized (09:27)(09:27)
CindyG Happy Valentine's Day Beauts Uncategorized (09:18)(09:18)
ZintleRR HI GUYS, im new here..lets get acquinted Uncategorized (11:50)(11:50)
Make-up by Cassandra Good Morning lovelies!! What a beautiful day it is today!! :) I have a new video up on my channel! Check it out if you are looking for a Warm Valentines Day Makeup Look! :) Uncategorized (10:23)(10:23)
Krienkies Good morning - ugh Monday May we all get through it and the rest of the week for that matter. Uncategorized (07:10)(07:10)
Lesego777 Hello gorgeous ladies i'm also new here and so Loving BB right now so let it be a wonderful ride of beauty and fabulousness Uncategorized (09:43)(09:43)
Acalaca Good day everyone I'm new, lets get acquainted Uncategorized (12:07)(12:07)
PopsieZA I'm enjoying all the blog posts about the hydro boost goodies Uncategorized (17:56)(17:56)
CindyG @megj nope, if I like what I see on the shelves, I purchase. I turn to video reviews after using the product myself. Uncategorized (15:10)(15:10)
Amanda1 Hi Ladies. It's been forever since i've been here. LOVE the new look and feel ! Uncategorized (10:50)(10:50)
Krienkies Good morning everyone - it's been a minute. Just want to say I hope you are all keeping well and have a fab day!!! Uncategorized (07:16)(07:16)
megj thanks stunning BB's and have an amazing evening! xoxo Uncategorized (15:56)(15:56)
Chermel24 nothing from me :) thank you once again.... for the opportunity to be apart of this project :) Uncategorized (15:52)(15:52)
megj this chat has been great! and the top two influencers with the best content will be getting that amazing incentive Uncategorized (15:51)(15:51)
Anesu Any quick questions before we go? Uncategorized (15:50)(15:50)
Chermel24 that would be a dream come true Anesu! :) Uncategorized (15:42)(15:42)
Make-up by Cassandra Thats amazing Anesu! What an opportunity! Uncategorized (15:33)(15:33)
Anesu We have been seeing some amazing content coming through from you guys! Remember the top videos will each get R5000 to promote their social media pages/blogs Uncategorized (15:30)(15:30)
The Foxy Momager I LOVE the gel cream!!! my new primer before my foundation whoop whoop!! Uncategorized (15:28)(15:28)
The Foxy Momager Hi lovlies, just joined the chat! @megj I always read reviews on the product first, packaging def has a major factor hehe!! I love pretty things!I also always check the ingredients and of course the p Uncategorized (15:27)(15:27)
Make-up by Cassandra I look at the packaging as well and it must grab my attention! I love bright colours but I also love sleek colours as well! Uncategorized (15:18)(15:18)
megj what other factors to you ladies consider before buying? Uncategorized (15:16)(15:16)
Make-up by Cassandra I read reviews depending on the price of the product Uncategorized (15:10)(15:10)
The urban slay @chermel24 right back at ya! Keep up the awesome work you do! Uncategorized (15:10)(15:10)
Chermel24 and yes i always read reviews and i personally have to watch a video review before i buy any new peoduct! Uncategorized (15:10)(15:10)
Chermel24 got so much love for u girl! Uncategorized (15:09)(15:09)
Chermel24 thank you **** Uncategorized (15:09)(15:09)
Chermel24 that you @the urban slay Uncategorized (15:09)(15:09)
The urban slay @chermel24 watched ypur video absolutely loved it! 💯 Uncategorized (15:08)(15:08)
The urban slay @megj definitely always read reviews and do research before buying. #studnetbudgetproblems 😂 Uncategorized (15:07)(15:07)
megj new products Uncategorized (15:03)(15:03)
megj Do you ladies read reviews before buying? Uncategorized (15:03)(15:03)
Shawnee91 Loved being a part of this project! xx Uncategorized (15:02)(15:02)
Chermel24 i love been part of this project :) my video went live last night on my youtube channel... my friends love it :) and so many of them have bought this range because of my recommendations Uncategorized (15:02)(15:02)
Make-up by Cassandra Thank you so much for the opportunity! We had a blast! Uncategorized (15:00)(15:00)
megj Our reviews that you've gotten in are stunning!!!!!!! thank you so much BB's Uncategorized (14:55)(14:55)
Make-up by Cassandra I love to use the wipes just to remove most of my makeup and then use the gel cleanser to deep clean. Uncategorized (14:54)(14:54)
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Shawnee91 reviewed Essence The Gel Nail Polish 2 hours 30 minutes ago

Essence is one of my favourite nail polish ranges. They always have the most amazing colour and plenty to choose from. I have been using Essence -...

Krienkies found helpful a review for UBU Smokey Eyeshadow Brush Set, written by vine.judd 2 hours 51 minutes ago

I bought the pink set the other day and the blending brush is on eof my favourite brushes at the moment. The angled brush is great for precision gel...

Avon Little Lace Dress ...
Avon Little Lace Dress... It has an oriental floral olfactive with top notes of Sicilian mandarin and black currant. Middle notes of iris and...

vine.judd reviewed UBU Smokey Eyeshadow Brush Set 3 hours 8 minutes ago

I bought the pink set the other day and the blending brush is on eof my favourite brushes at the moment. The angled brush is great for precision gel...

vine.judd reviewed Claire’s Eyelash Curler 3 hours 13 minutes ago

Lash boost
Sometimes I feel my lashes need that extra lift and this little tool is perfect for it. The trendy colour of this curler is so beautiful, it makes...

vine.judd reviewed Cala Beauty Blending Sponge 3 hours 17 minutes ago

My everyday essential
I love Cala brushes and sponges, they are all so affordable and really good quality. It applies product so evenly and because the blender has...

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