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Takue Hello y all Uncategorized (19:00)(19:00)
Kerisha Hey girls 😆 i am also new to this.. i just wanted to know how do i add a picture on my profile Uncategorized (18:29)(18:29)
teshyface Hello everyone! I'm so new with this and in here as well! Hope you all are good! Uncategorized (17:09)(17:09) Good day..😗😗😗 Uncategorized (15:51)(15:51)
Melis1985 Hi Ladies. Also new on Beauty bulletin. Uncategorized (11:17)(11:17)
Krienkies Good morning - feeling refreshed after a nice long weekend... Uncategorized (07:40)(07:40)
PopsieZA Have good weekend ladies Uncategorized (16:50)(16:50)
PopsieZA This clicks 3 for 2 promotion will have me buying things that I do not need Uncategorized (16:50)(16:50)
BeatbyYondie Ladies I have the worst skin type ever. It is soooo sensitive that when I used the MAC studio fix foundation I imeediately got a rash, And yes I purchased it from the MAC store at Pavilion Mall. Anyone else with this problem and what can you guys recommend cause Im currently tryna switch foundations since this MAC incident Uncategorized (13:10)(13:10)
BeatbyYondie Morning Lilly_Levine Uncategorized (11:40)(11:40)
BeatbyYondie Morning Ladies the foundations they have at the moment arent as great actually. I did hear great raves aboit the total drop foundation but it seems they havent yet stocked or released them out for purchasing. But you guys shuld totally be on the lookout for them. Uncategorized (11:40)(11:40)
mia shaik Good morning BB's happy friday Uncategorized (10:24)(10:24)
Krienkies I really want to try the Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation... Uncategorized (19:14)(19:14)
PopsieZA @Ellelicious Check reviews. I dont have personal experience with them myself Uncategorized (17:00)(17:00)
tetse Ladies thanks for the advice, I started exfoliating and already it's making a huge difference , and will try one one the hydrating products Uncategorized (16:32)(16:32)
Ellelicious Thanks Popsie. I see they've got some awesome promo's at the moment. Anyone know what the NYX foundations are like? Uncategorized (07:24)(07:24)
PopsieZA Dont say we didnt tell you Uncategorized (16:04)(16:04)
PopsieZA Pop into your nearest clicks. NYX products are on that 3 for 2 promotion!!!!! Uncategorized (16:04)(16:04)
Nadia_Lucas Hi all, have not been on here for ages Uncategorized (14:59)(14:59)
Krienkies Good morning galz. Hope you are all doing awesome!!! Uncategorized (07:29)(07:29)
Ellelicious Happy Monday the 13th ladies, hope it's treating you well! Uncategorized (13:44)(13:44)
Nila happy Friday 💖💎👑 Uncategorized (18:10)(18:10)
Krienkies I was in high school in the 90's, so those were my party years hehe Uncategorized (12:26)(12:26)
PopsieZA was 1999 the year of parties? Uncategorized (11:21)(11:21)
mia shaik Enjoy karina😋 Uncategorized (11:19)(11:19)
Krienkies Tonight I'll make my own Peri Chicken Livers all while enjoying a glass of wine and some cool tunes. Uncategorized (10:53)(10:53)
Krienkies Happy Friyay y'all!!!!! Gonna party like it's 1999... Uncategorized (10:51)(10:51)
mia shaik Good morning 😘 happy #fragrancefriay Uncategorized (09:11)(09:11)
PopsieZA Happy Friday y'all!! Uncategorized (08:56)(08:56)
PopsieZA Forgive my caps, just stoked cuz it's Friday!! Uncategorized (08:56)(08:56)
PopsieZA GOOD MORNING LADIES Uncategorized (08:55)(08:55)
ari07 Uncategorized (21:23)(21:23)
RominaLodolo Woman's Day today!! Hope everyone is feeling beautiful and empowered because you are all so lovely Uncategorized (15:42)(15:42)
mia shaik Good morning beauties 😘 Uncategorized (09:20)(09:20)
YoSchar Hi MaleekaSa. Have you tried the african extract purifying range? Perhaps this would be something to consider for your oily skin. Is it only your forehead, if so, perhaps it could be your hair products that causing the oily forehead. Just a few things to consider before being a product specifically for oily skin because it tends to dry out your skin if you're known to have normal or dry skin. Hope this helps Uncategorized (09:14)(09:14)
MaleekaSalie Thanks KhanWiste! I wash my face twice a day, but an hour later its oily again lol. I have up on face creams for oily skin as well, just makes my face sweat.. will look into the Celltone :).. never thought about steaming. will try it later ;)anks! Uncategorized (14:09)(14:09)
KhanWistebaar Hey Maleeka!😀 I also have extremely oily skin but it has gotten much better ever since I started using Clinique. When my student budget doesn't allow that? I use Celltone. Really keeps my skin matte without drying it out. Plus? Make sure to always cleanse your face. Atleast twice day. And steam your face once a week.💜 Uncategorized (13:45)(13:45)
MaleekaSalie Hey ladies :) I have really oily skin (especially my forehead). What products are out there that will help? I'm using the ponds face wash at the moment. Uncategorized (13:40)(13:40)
Ellelicious Tetse, for dry skin: Frequent exfoliation is *key* (Get a good chemical exfoliant if you can), the best creams for extreme dry skin are the SBR ones in my opinion (you can get them at Dischem) and drink loads of water! Good luck. Uncategorized (13:27)(13:27)
Ellelicious Hey everyone, I'm just as excited for the skincare campaign.. Fingers x'd Uncategorized (13:21)(13:21)
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Hi beauties!
I'm looking for an oil (preferably jojoba) to use for under eye creasing? I heard it really helps when applied over lines and wrinkles...
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