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IAm_MissZee Hi everyone... I'm new to this so I'm looking forward to getting tips because I have a major skin prob... Ok, bye Uncategorized (19:23)(19:23)
Mabhina Omhle Recently joined and super super excited...looking forward to having fun Uncategorized (14:03)(14:03)
Ms.sandyan Please add me I'm brand new to this site... Uncategorized (21:18)(21:18)
me_kayla_d Hey everybody! I'm new... follow me😊💖 Uncategorized (17:34)(17:34)
me_kayla_d Hey everybody! 😊 I'm new here. Follow me👍 Uncategorized (17:33)(17:33)
StephaniePetersenB hey guys please check out my latest youtube video Uncategorized (17:12)(17:12)
kemuntobear hi ladies i am a youtuber a kennyyan Uncategorized (03:19)(03:19)
Krienkies Hi, hope you are all doing fab!!! Uncategorized (16:32)(16:32)
Kabelo Mohuba Good evening ladies and gentlemen Uncategorized (19:33)(19:33)
Mpofu Good morning ladies, it has been a while Uncategorized (14:19)(14:19)
Lady-Gail Uncategorized (09:53)(09:53)
Chante_Poppie Hello beauties. I trust everyone's had a productive day! Head over to to see my latest post 💋 Uncategorized (22:46)(22:46)
mia shaik Hi Zarina,well and u ? Long time hey Uncategorized (16:23)(16:23)
tzar Hi All how are you? ready for easter Uncategorized (11:17)(11:17)
Black Rose Hello ladies if you buy any chance want to purchase 100% virgin hair contact me on whatsApp: 0763969849 for more info and prices Uncategorized (10:42)(10:42)
Black Rose Hello ladies ☺I just joined the family and I'm very to be part of it Uncategorized (10:26)(10:26)
naturally Claren check out my blog: Uncategorized (00:11)(00:11)
naturally Claren Hey Ladies ! Uncategorized (00:10)(00:10)
Manesh hey beautiful people i just joined and im really looking forward to be the part of this family Uncategorized (13:31)(13:31)
Naledi29 Hey beautiful people! I have recently just joined and I look forward being part of this huuuge family. Uncategorized (22:35)(22:35)
Kittykat786 Newbie here, helloooooz Uncategorized (21:28)(21:28)
Hlabangwane Hi ladies shouly you want to sell justine cosmetics please whatsapp me on 0726509907 i will be happy to assist you Uncategorized (13:59)(13:59)
marian dumitru Hi, My name is Marian Dumitru and I am a Philosophy researcher from Bucharest, Eastern Europe. I am currently working on my Phd thesis, which is in the field of beauty and beautification actions seen from a moral paradigm. I read an article from 2016 about Dove's study on beauty. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity of having a copy of the Dove report of an older study: "The Real Truth About Beauty: REVISITED, 2011-2013. I have a copy of the 2004 study and I really need to find what has changed in the women's perception on beauty. Of course any other research, studies, or information on the topic of beauty will be greatly appreciated. hoping this message will reach you ))), Thank you Uncategorized (10:58)(10:58) Hi beauties :) Uncategorized (10:39)(10:39)
Boo-Cee Recently joined... so excited Uncategorized (17:42)(17:42)
MrsNadiaLB hi Uncategorized (14:40)(14:40)
King Nessa hello everyone just joined .. super excited Uncategorized (13:07)(13:07)
Krienkies I am bummed that Takealot pushed up their minimum order to R450 Uncategorized (20:09)(20:09)
Krienkies Hi all - hope you are doing fab! Uncategorized (20:08)(20:08)
RominaLodolo @Anesu Thank you babe!! I will definitely chat to them :) Uncategorized (18:21)(18:21)
RominaLodolo Happy Monday! Uncategorized (18:18)(18:18)
ashley_couture_ Ready to put out my opinion with awesome reviews on my fav products 💅🏽🌺 Uncategorized (23:35)(23:35)
Roxannes Curly Life Just joined this awesome group super excited! Uncategorized (21:01)(21:01)
Queen Cindee Hi Uncategorized (19:23)(19:23)
Queen Cindee Hi my beauts Uncategorized (19:23)(19:23)
Anesu @RominaLodolo I think its best to have a chat with your skin therapist so you don't worry :) Uncategorized (11:24)(11:24)
Momentswithemily Hi Ladies :) Please check out my blog on cheers!! Uncategorized (23:36)(23:36)
NoniNhlapo Hi Guys. sooo good to be here.. Uncategorized (11:41)(11:41)
honey_sithole Hi ladies if any of you are looking for beautiful bags checkout @epikbagz on Instagram. They are great. Uncategorized (14:53)(14:53)
KatlegoSetlhodi Hello!!!!!!!! Uncategorized (14:03)(14:03)
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Essence Blush
The colour is lovely when applied gently to the apple of the cheek. Gives you that radiant glow that brings out the features in your face.

SirishkaS reviewed garnier bb cream - medium 51 minutes ago

Garnier BB Cream
This was the first BB Creams I had used & one of the best. Gives you a flawless natural look. Brush over with powder & you are all ready and set.

Kym added a photo for John Frieda® Frizz Ease Range 7 hours 53 minutes ago
Kym reviewed John Frieda® Frizz Ease Range 8 hours 47 minutes ago

John Frieda® Frizz Ease Range Dream Curls
Hi There all you BB Beauties, Okay so this post is abit late but this is my mid trial check in. So i have been using the John Frieda® Frizz Ease...

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