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  • About me

    I'm a final year student at Stellenbosch University doing my BSc in Biochemistry. Im passionate about make-up and would still love to study and pursue a career in Make-up one day. I love to laugh and just be myself no matter how crazy I seem at times lol.
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    Mostly neutral...Eyeliner, mascara and a tad of bronzer on my cheeks and lip gloss and Im good to go.
    Smokey eyes and anything which would make my eyes stand out as it is my best asset.
  • Favourite beauty product: I can't live without this product

    My GHD!!!!!!!! as well as Olay's beauty fluid.
  • Favourite Beauty Product: I wouldn't die, but I would suffer greatly without this product

    24 hour body hairspray for when I make them
  • Favourtie Beauty Product: Without this product, I'd have to start drinking at noon

    Revlon colourstay eyeliner in black
    Benefit Badgal mascara
    Diff colour nails for everyday of week
  • My Beauty Secret

    Eat, pray and love :-)...Inner beauty and happiness is the key to a healthy body and therefore healthy looking skin :-)...oh and I LOVE Olay's beauty fluid!Super amazing moisturizer!
  • My Routine

    Cleanse, tone, moisturise ;-)
  • My Celebrity Twin

    Apparently Rihanna...I dont seem to agree!
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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 00:21
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2 years ago
  • tzar voted as helpful a review, TRESemme Heat Defense Spray, written by {target}.
    1 year ago

    Usually heat defence sprays leave the hair with that really sticky and dull feeling, but alas, tresemme heat defence spray has definitely come to the rescue. Packaged with its spritzer nozzle, its easy to work with and ensures an even distribution when applied directly to the hair. It also lasts really long, as one does not need to apply much of the product to the hair. I find that the product works best...

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  • Farzaanah kikobunny0102
    3 years ago

    Moving to Dubai in exactly one month. Gosh Im going to miss everything and everyone.

    Farzaanah Thank you ladies! Yes Im going to be a flight Attendant for Emirates Airlines.
    3 years ago
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  • Farzaanah
    3 years ago

    {actor} Here's to another year of happiness, success, peace and of course beauty! Happy New Year everyone!

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